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  1. No mention of an injury on transfermarkt.
  2. Did Klopp say what injury he has this time?
  3. He was brilliant. I hope he'll be able to play full 90s regularly one day. Seems like they are still very cautious with the amount of minutes they give him.
  4. He's class. We're far better with him in the team.
  5. He was very good last night
  6. Midfield was a lot better without Fabinho. We deserved to win but lost. Finishing and s***e keeping cost us. Firmino isn't irreplaceable.
  7. PaulMcC186


    Why would sporting events be stopped or behind closed doors when people are still allowed to fly, go to work/university and basically do everything else they normally do?
  8. Werner must think he's joining us. No chance you'd be licking a*** that much if we weren't interested.
  9. Mobdro app for Android was good when I used to use it. hesgoal.com is a decent site too.
  10. Weatherall was brilliant
  11. Didn't Paisley turn down lots of money to leave Liverpool when he was alive? Not sure he'd be into being used to advertise an investment bank who have been charged with money laundering.
  12. I'd have started Fabinho. I think he needs games. He's looked rusty so far. Klopp knows best, though.
  13. Cheers. As long as I can see it clearly and no one gets annoyed at us cheering I'm happy enough.
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