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  1. PaulMcC186


    I'm sure there has been a rise in stuff like that too. But lockdown isn't the real issue.
  2. PaulMcC186


    So it's money worries causing a lot of problems? Just give people money for losing their jobs. Even people on zero hour contracts. Something like a universal income would help. I don't see how lockdown would turn people into child abusers either. If they're child abusers then lockdown isn't the problem.
  3. PaulMcC186


    Any data for this and proof it's the result of lockdown?
  4. PaulMcC186


    Are people opposed to lockdown mostly cos it affects their ability to earn money?
  5. Singer songwriter acoustic covers of good songs. Dovedale playing an album now with acoustic versions of Cyndi Lauper and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  6. Lucky to be 1-1 after their penalty. Hopefully we are a lot better 2nd half
  7. I reckon Mane right, Salah through the middle. But all our forwards could play well all over the front line except Firmino.
  8. It feels like City have been s***. Frustrating to only be 2 points ahead of them.
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