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  1. Yep. She was absolutely phenomenal.
  2. New York Red


    Cracking news. Very happy for your Dad and you. Take care.
  3. New York Red


    Great news this.
  4. New York Red


    Any word on Sammy’s Dad? He seems to have gone ominously quiet. I hope the old fella is recovering.
  5. Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters. Loved him as a kid. RIP.
  6. New York Red


    Christ almighty. So sorry to read this news Sammy. It’s all been said but I’ll say it again. Best of luck to him. Sincerely hope he comes through this OK.
  7. New York Red


    Hmmm. They’ve got a drummer called Murph.
  8. He’ll find a way to brag about the most deaths too.
  9. Thank you Sammy. She’s about the same, but in a strange bit of luck, she takes Plaquinil daily to treat her lupus. The lupus makes her high risk from this but the drug that treats it may be able to help as I’m sure you’ve read. The coughing is still terrible, but her lungs aren’t filling and her temperature hasn’t soared. I actually think that the help from this drug might be real. There has to be a reason for her not getting worse so far.
  10. I don’t like that show much, but Eugene Levy is brilliant.
  11. New York Red


    After such an awesome season, we are always going to have this one be asterisked because of the virus. It sucks. But we just have to come back next year and blow the doors off again.
  12. Jurgen is going to sign Sancho to cheer us all up.
  13. New York Red


    She’s a f*cking irrelevant joke. She should sue her plastic surgeon too.
  14. Didn’t he have a character in his books called Coronavirus? Karma is a bitch Albert. RIP anyway. Loved your books as a nipper.
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