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  1. OK. So how would you fix things?
  2. No worries mate. We’ll have differences of opinion but as long as the debate is fact based and cordial, then I enjoy it immensely. More importantly, it helps us all see things from different perspectives and it maybe makes us all the better for it. There is absolutely no question that the perspectives that I have read on this forum has made me change, and for the better. I’m not the same person that I was in 1999 when all of this forum business started for me. I make no bones about the fact that I’m pretty centrist. I’d be considered to be left of center here, but right of center in the UK. Part of that may be that I really look at things from a longer term standpoint. But my values guide me ultimately. I don’t believe that a radical approach to societal change works. It just doesn’t get you there in my opinion, and maybe that is where we differ. I think you reach a point where you have to create a universal or predominantly buy-in to an idea. The Bernie or Corbyn approach is not in the mindset of the populace, be it because of bad information dissemination or sheer stubbornness and hostility. Playing the cards that you are dealt is ultimately what you can do in the present. That enables you to fight another day. That involves getting behind Biden right now and getting him the weapons that he needs to be an effective legislator. A huge part of that is taking back the Senate, and that is looking fairly promising right now. But I also think that completely eliminating Trumpism and isolating the radical right is an imperative. That means drawing in right of center Republicans to get them along for a better future. Hopefully people to the right of them will also follow along and see that a more moral and equal society is the best thing for everyone. For the record, I’m in favor of universal, free health care; a very progressive tax system, a downsized, properly purposed military; complete intolerance for any kind of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and any other prejudice that you want to list; I’m in favor of freedom of immigration (obviously); I’m very pro-choice; I’m very anti-gun; I want free education for anyone who cannot afford to pay for it. But I’m also pro-death penalty (in very unusual circumstances; in favor of military intervention when it is obviously needed; of raising the retirement age. I’m sure I can fill out other issues but I’m running short of time... I just mentioned being cordial above. I’ll always be cordial unless somebody isn’t that way with me. If I’m being a dick, then call me out on it. But I will fight fire with fire if somebody gets nasty with me. I just won’t have it. In summation, Biden for now. Destroy the radical right. Build for the future. It’s a long ride, but it is worth it.
  3. The Tunnel is good too. Similar story.
  4. Man, there are some real charmers on that list. That clip of Colin was pretty interesting.
  5. I think Kamala will crush him in the debate. He looks catatonic most of the time.
  6. Good start. Now he needs to bring in other strong members of his cabinet and announce them before the election. It’s going to be vital to getting a start on mending things by having a diverse cabinet as well as reaching across the aisle for some right of center Republicans. Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, Corey Booker, Julian Castro, Mike Mullen, Preet Brahara, Neel Kaytal, Wesley Clark, Tammy Duckworth, Andre Carson, Val Demmings. I can’t think of any Republicans offhand, but there must be a few. Mitt Romney might do. Oh and I got blocked by Sebastian Gorka on Twitter today. I’m very happy about that.
  7. Totally understandable mate. There’s no need for it, but there is always room for cordial discourse and debate. Stick with it.
  8. That looks pretty apocalyptic.
  9. It was quite refreshing coming to the realization that we don’t need much at all. Cathartic almost. And realizing that Sancho will stay put and we can grab him next year. 👍
  10. Going through this squad now, we don’t need much. Kelleher looks to be poised for third string in goal. We’ll need a fourth CB. If Grujic does well in pre-season we don’t need anything in midfield. Brewster seems to have a really decent shot at making it, but we will need another forward if Origi goes.
  11. I hate that. He’d better get that sorted out pronto.
  12. Not really a famous guy, but a friend of mine died over the weekend from a head injury sustained a year ago. He used to work for Joe Kennedy Jr and they were visiting NI in the early 80’s leading some Irish-American delegation. They stopped at a checkpoint and the British soldiers there gave them a bit of a hard time. One of them said: ”Why don’t you go back to your own country”. To which Jim replied: ”Why don’t you go back to yours”. RIP mate.
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