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  1. Maybe. But I just think that JK has been more deliberate about it. Unless he gets his specific guy, then he doesn’t seem to go to Plan B. He has an clear image of what he wants and needs and just goes for it. It just seems so much more calculated with him.
  2. A lot of wise words and brutal honesty there.
  3. New York Red


    The neutral venue thing is being exaggerated in the press.
  4. The proximate cause of his death is the knee on the throat. End of story. It was murder.
  5. After seeing the strategic brilliance of Phil Jackson in The Last Dance, I was starting to think of comparisons to Klopp. Phil wanted: A big man - Longly A defensive maniac - Rodman A creator - Pippen A leader - GOAT An outside shooter - Kerr Klopp wanted: A goalkeeper/sweeper - Alisson A defensive genius - Virgil A creator - Bobby A leader - Hendo Scorers - Mo & Mane Both coaches knew what they needed and got the particular players that would fill those roles perfectly.
  6. Stop acting so old. You should have nutted him and then booted him in the b*llocks. There’s no excuse for his behavior. Actually, what is the rule for what he did?
  7. I hate conspiracy theories, but I think this isn’t one of them. Coppers doing dirty work. https://thegrio.com/2020/05/29/masked-white-man-smashes-minneapolis-autozone-windows/
  8. The club supposedly values Werner at £30MM and not £50MM.
  9. It can do some good. In general though, it is a racket. They claim that they can cure everything.
  10. Look at that screenshot. That is a a liars look.
  11. Christian is a classmate of mine. A really nice guy.
  12. Have you ever seen a murderer and his accomplice look more blasé about causing a death? It’s chilling.
  13. Into the Night is pretty good.
  14. Happy Ramadan all.
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