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  1. My God, that video is heartbreaking, beautiful, thought provoking and brilliant. Just awesome. What a guy.
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  3. Is there a spot to reference Vic there?
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  8. Good to see your name pop up there Dave, you Rugby League loving motherf*cker. 😁👍
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  10. I’ve just read a correspondence between me and Vic last Xmas day. I wished him Merry Xmas and I hoped that he was having a good day. In effect, he said he hoped it was as good as could be expected. I thought he was just feeling a bit down, but now I realize that he it was more than that. I should have done more. Life is too short and too important to take for granted. Every minute is precious and you want every wasted one of them back at the end. I’d like to think that Vic would always want us to have spirited and important debates, and that we would benefit from them. But he was always one, as has been repeatedly documented in this thread, to have a good a friendly attitude about things after the debate. That’s something to remember. This community, and it is that, has been around for an incredibly long time. We all know one another, albeit in a cyber sense, and remembering and embracing Vic’s attitude on life would be a great one to embrace.
  11. Jesus Christ. From the other thread I just thought to myself “no, can’t be”. And here it is. This is such sad news. I had a few run-ins with Vic years ago but we’d grown to respect and like one another. I never met him in person but we had talked about meeting up for a few beers in Ireland in 2020 when I was going to be there with my missus. The trip got cancelled by Covid and we were going to do it next May instead and meet up then. This news is truly tragic. A good guy gone too soon. Please, all take care of yourselves.
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