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  1. Any word on where he got it done and by who?
  2. Ah, that’s sad. Seemed like a decent fella.
  3. It’s remarkable how demonic-looking this”pastor” is.
  4. Does the original “The Hills Have Eyes” count? That scared the hell out of me decades ago.
  5. That is a fantastic example of an “I’m alright Jack” mindset.
  6. JJ Williams. RIP. Legend in his day.
  7. Yeah, rock star. He was a brilliant footballer, but far from the greatest of all time. There really wasn’t as much of a media love of United in the 70’s though. That’s more of a Premier League era phenomenon. MU were utterly sh*t in the 70’s. The press loved us.
  8. There are more than two, but there is an incredibly high percentage of American pros who are staunch Republicans. There are a higher percentage who don’t have the slightest clue though. They aren’t very bright. It’s not news about Jack though. He’s always been a big Trump guy.
  9. Proud Boys and Boogaloo revere him I’m sure.
  10. 6’ 5” and fifteen and a half stone? They must have signed him from a pub team.
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