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  1. Williams has already bucked the trend whether you wish to admit your very matter of fact comment was wrong or not
  2. Not really, fact is he spend the season out on loan to Kidderminster Town and is now playing. If he wasn’t good enough he wouldn’t be playing regardless of injuries.
  3. It’s about refreshing the squad over a period of time, not all at once and with hefty outlay. Midfield needs refreshing, the forward line will follow in order to keep challenging.
  4. Has Biden officially won now then
  5. Unfortunately if he wins on a recount he’ll be dining out on it for years, how he was robbed overall but managed to “force” a recount in Georgia
  6. Roses are Red Violets are blue you look like an Oompa Loompa you orange t***
  7. You’ll be taking another tablet in two weeks then
  8. He must have slow reactions
  9. kenny7


    I think you read the initial comment incorrectly, Muleskinner was highlighting the current figures are lower than the spring figures DESPITE there being significantly more testing now. Trump on the other hand was blaming high numbers in the US on testing, hence stop the testing and the virus goes away (in his pickled mind)
  10. Not sure how that was possible, but.....
  11. There’s the f**king ball, look!!
  12. Hoping the Manc’s response is that OGS needs propah backing rather than sacking.
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