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  1. I'm coming back to Anfield! Leicester game. Can't wait!
  2. RP


    Fck all to do with Flybe. It's a short flight on a prop plane. You never get above the cloud level, so it's bumpy as fck. You're unlikely to crash (we're not that fcking lucky) but it could very well be a bit of a roller coaster for a nervous old c*** like you. I am still confident that you will have sold/rented out your sesason tickets within two seasons. I went on Saturday, left on 90 mins, stopped for petrol on Edge Lane, something to eat at Warwick Services and was home and tucked up way before midnight. In the snow. Just fcking drive, you t***.
  3. What does Ian Dowie value him at?
  4. Wtf has happened now? Can I stop this praying 5 times a day lark? My sense of direction is pretty good, but fck me it's tricky to keep a track on which way Mecca is all day every day.
  5. What players do elsewhere (without Klopp) doesn't really matter.
  6. I saw that. I think it's called a rhetorical question, isn't it?
  7. I haven't any direct experience of trading LVMH but I would assume that yeah, it's the market it is traded on. You're US/dollar based so if I werre you I'd look at LVMHF only - removes your direct currency risk. Unless you want to take on the currency risk, of course (i.e. you like the Euro over the Dollar). Can't afford to - have to save the pennies for the launch that I will be directly involved in. Have to bide your time and then go 'all in', don't you?
  8. Well if your neighbor [sp] got injured then of course, best give it a miss. What's all this neighbor b*llocks about anyway? I thought you were British. It's not that bad, if you plan appropriately. Buy yourself a good jacket (SL will obviously assist), salopettes (not expensive) and obvious essential peripherals like socks, gloves, thermals etc. None of that is expensive (jacket apart). Loads of decent stuff available on eBay and in ski shops at this time of year. First time you go, hire skis. poles, boots and a helmet. Depends where you go but that'll be maybe EUR 100-150 for a w
  9. Brighton away, on December 2nd? That was indeed one ocassion on which he did that, yes.
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