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  1. Kid Klopp


    Awful news. Hope you are taking good care of yourself and loved ones, sammy.
  2. We've also had to fall back on Atletico covering the 17k cost for refunding fans with tickets who couldn't attend the game at Anfield. I think the only appropriate response here is to fire the person who took these decisions. Moore, your time is up.
  3. Kid Klopp


    I still prefer...
  4. I love what he's become. The consummate midfielder.
  5. What a performance. Just missing a top notch finish into the corner. Everything good came from him basically.
  6. He can rotate himself back to Spain.
  7. Keita is getting kewell levels of misanthropy thrown at him these days. Just missing a "faked an injury to get off the pitch" claim.
  8. It's gonna be a confident 3-0 victory. People in the match thread will still lose their s*** because atletico will dominate the last 20 and if they score they only need one more to go through.
  9. He was one goal off top before vardy banged in another two in the meantime. But he's been making steady ground on them lately.
  10. One goal off being top of the topscorer list in the league. He's going to top that for a third year running, isn't he?
  11. Then we should also include Salah's numbers from Chelsea.
  12. No other top team in Europe that will give young players as many opportunities and stable environment, while also competing in the CL and for the league title.
  13. Kid Klopp


    I am guessing they put the passengers at the front for weight distribution or some such, allowing for such a shot.
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