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  1. We'll need to pad a bit here and there. A new backup keeper when Adrian leaves, a 4th choice centerback when Lovren leaves. Depending on how we see Williams and Milner, maybe a backup left back? With shaqiri presumably also leaving that leaves us with Origi, Minamino and kids supporting the front three. Knowing Klopp, he might be OK with that, but I'd be a lot more OK with a proper competitor being signed, especially given our situation when Salah, mane, Matip and Keita all leave for the ACN.
  2. Solskjaer on the upcoming fixtures and why they have a point to prove "Brighton, we’ve lost the last two when we’ve gone down there. We’ve got Bournemouth, who we’ve lost to [this season]. We’ve got Aston Villa, who we drew with at home. We’ve got Palace, who we lost to at home. We’ve got West Ham that we’ve lost to. Every game is one we have a point to prove in.” lol
  3. Solskjaer was talking about how much Martial is learning from Ighalo about being a striker in his latest presser. Channeling Moyes again.
  4. Kid Klopp


    Absolutely not. Press their faces into the dirt at all possible times. Oddly enough, though there is no team I hate losing more to than Everton (I think, when did it last happen?), they have been so pathetic for so long that I wouldn't mind seeing them do better than the above mentioned clubs for a change.
  5. That was tucking long. But worth the read
  6. It's just unbelievable what he has done here. Trying to look at this from an outsiders perspective of taking over a slumbering giant that had plenty of upper midtable quality but little top quality and was basically out of the conversation for major trophies. 4 seasons later, he's won the CL and the most eagerly awaited and elusive league title win in Europe. The transformation is magnificent. The amount of things that were needed to get it this right just incredible. Buying Mo Salah, Roberton, Van Dijk, Fabinho and Alisson within the space of 13 months accelerated us from 'done well to finish top 4' team to maybe the best team in the world. I am struggling to recall a better round of signings. Five players who are all either the best in the world in their position, or the next best thing to it. I think what is most remarkable is that I really don't feel like we've gotten any big breaks on the way. Every achievement has been stalled by a plucky nearly moment, building on that and then coming back a year later to do the job. Nearly made CL qualification, but lost the final to the winner of the previous two seasons. Made top 4 in a hard fought season the next year. Nearly won the CL the year after that, but lost the final to the winner of the previous two seasons (and finished top 4 again without much trouble). Then won it a year later without much trouble. Nearly won the title with 97 frigging points that season, but lost out to a recordbreaking city. Then won it the next year without much trouble. We've had to pick ourselves up and just do one better the next year so many times and each time, Klopp has them do one better. WTF is he going to do next season? Also, just reminded of way back when: "If I sit here in four years I am pretty confident we will have one title" - Klopp's first presser "First mistake..?? Others have made the same promise! #It'sNotThatEasyMrKlopp" - Peter Schmeichels response four-and-a-half years later:
  7. Thought he was on the way out of the team when Fabinho came in, with the way he was playing within himself at the time. He really stepped it up and has genuinely mastered the midfield craft in its many facets in the past few years.
  8. Corona precautions?
  9. Give him a handful of games of not being awful and there'll be people back saying he's an excellent squad player.
  10. Another performance where he is one of the most important players for the opposition. Hopefully will be gone after this season. Makes me pine for djimi traore
  11. Not sure I'd call it a big plus, given the overall performance here.
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