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  1. Yeah, the "a corner for us means a strong counter for the opposition" routine wasn't good. There was also a time under Rodgers where we were the best set piece team in the league though.
  2. I do imagine him playing further forward for us, mainly because that's where we need what he offers more.
  3. Guess we'll buy a centreback if gini leaves then.
  4. Yeah. The question is when does Jones begin to get ahead of Milner.
  5. He's really good, but also a bit erratic and doesn't score all that much. He's not exactly on the level of the likes of Benzema, Suarez, Lewandowski, Bergkamp. More like somewhere between kuyt and Bergkamp. Both stylewise and stature wise.
  6. Gomez, Firmino and Hendo. I think Hendo with his form last season is something like world class, but I reckon there's plenty of neutrals who'd dispute it because he's unsexy. All three have shown a level where they can be world class but with the other eight I think they're proven enough that there's no real argument to be had. Fabinho is pretty much out on his own as defensive midfielders go these days. Only one who comes near is our own Hendo I think
  7. Assuming he maintains his level here that's at least 8 proven world class players in our starting lineup. Basically the best starting XI in the world.
  8. I do think the liverpool journos end up looking a bit pathetic these days, especially so when the 'info' they from the club is so often blatantly false and intended for misdirection. There is not an ounce of critical journalism from them. They're lap dogs and should basically just sign up as PR consultants with the club at this point.
  9. They are. Bale seems to have a very rational dislike for them though. Not the first time he's snubbed them.
  10. His clean cut makes him look like a man on a mission for this season.
  11. Thought it was odd that Keita was first to be hooked. He seemed the least struggling in an overall confused midfield. Fabinho took over that midfield on his own as he is wont to do.
  12. Golden boot > his daughter's life
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