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  1. The new owners Donald is a total d****ead rich boy with no clue.. him and Charlie remind me of Hicks and Gillette.. big noises on being new owners then reality of the deal to buy the club was revealed.. they put very little of their own money in.. paid off prev owners with parachute payments.. They are in the s*** as they have no money and player wages crippled them.. but they want £50 million to sell.. Their handling of Josh Maja was comical... Sell him for just over a million.. then pay 3 million for Gregg..they should have just played him till end of season.. I wonder how he is getting on in France? The program should have destroyed Maja and his vile manager.. Not as good as season ,one
  2. Greenoak


    How ironic Laura c***sburg is the one to break the news of Boris infection
  3. Greenoak

    FSG Watch...

    I spoke to sales team and they had hospitality tickets for Burnley at £595 or £659..
  4. Greenoak

    FSG Watch...

    I don't mind that.. do you phone LFC hospitality?
  5. Greenoak

    FSG Watch...

    So how much are hospitality tickets??
  6. Just started watching Mrs Fletcher.. Another HBO series.. Mrs Fletcher is a divorcee exiting internet porn app dating and social media. What's not to like..
  7. Ian Holloway - Grimsby Town have appointed Ian Holloway as manager as they look to stave off the threat of relegation from League Two. Good luck with that....
  8. Greenoak

    Election 2019

    Emily or Jess will be perfect for the mail and sun newspapers.. they would destroy them.. far to much immo..
  9. Greenoak

    Election 2019

    anyone but Long bailey. she is tainted by corbyn. We have to move away from the corbyn left. When people using food banks vote tory it just shows how damaged the party was and will be until we have an electable leader. And the LP chooses terrible unelectable leaders im not in the red north but in midlands and we lost this election because voters trusted boris more than jeremy
  10. thanks sky bet for enhancing the odds on 3 2 nice £10 free bet on 3 2 at 22/1 £220 great result
  11. I really hate Spurs. They have become the masters of diving and cheating. They were at it the whole game. I really really hate Kane. Just get anywhere near them and over they go as Ericsson tried in the box, and the rest of them clearly under instructions to go over at any time
  12. Greenoak


    I go to Prague annually, i love the place, but the local food is terrible. Smoking as everywhere in bars. its still beer and a smoke Avoid the english / irish bars. The beer as amazing. I think the famous clock is being renovated, which for many is a highlight. Book a free walking tour on your first day. just tip the guide at the end. ITS not that cheap anymore. Just get the DK travel guide and follow there day plans
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