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  1. Looking around our squad I still can't get my head around the wage bill of 320m The top players may be on 5 - 10m a year.. but our squad is not that big.. I'd expect outside the starting 11 none are in the 8 - 10 range
  2. Chelsea. Will continue to be brilliant one game and total rubbish the next until they gel and get shot of Frank.. All the time he is in charge the better for everyone..
  3. But football is entertainment, balance the books is important, but we're not expecting a Chelsea Man city splurge, just stop being so stupid.. even Everton and Leeds are outspending us..
  4. Runs back to UK leaving his poor bird and family. A real man.. straight on phone to agent.. The whole interview was like watching Laura c***sberg interview..a Tory minister. - no real questioning the b******s answers they spew As for the Albanian gangster b******s. My good.. I certainly believe the bribe to police bit.. Lock him up
  5. They also had a lose of 96m for 2019
  6. Great result for Newcastle if they get their dodgy new owners
  7. Mancs will def get the record for most pens is a season.. Only 1 more to equal the record of 14
  8. not a chance will they fully shift Kepa. Worlds most expensive goalkeeper is most like worlds highest paid goal keeper. They will still be paying most of his wages for years to come even if they loan or sell him. The only way they shift is on first team sheet. They will end up loaning him to an Italian team who pay 10% of his wages. Theres definately no money coming back to the Chelsea warchest there
  9. The new owners Donald is a total d****ead rich boy with no clue.. him and Charlie remind me of Hicks and Gillette.. big noises on being new owners then reality of the deal to buy the club was revealed.. they put very little of their own money in.. paid off prev owners with parachute payments.. They are in the s*** as they have no money and player wages crippled them.. but they want £50 million to sell.. Their handling of Josh Maja was comical... Sell him for just over a million.. then pay 3 million for Gregg..they should have just played him till end of season.. I wonder how he is
  10. Greenoak


    How ironic Laura c***sburg is the one to break the news of Boris infection
  11. I spoke to sales team and they had hospitality tickets for Burnley at £595 or £659..
  12. I don't mind that.. do you phone LFC hospitality?
  13. So how much are hospitality tickets??
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