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  1. I remember him bringing on Berger in what I felt was a typically romantic Houllier move — “he’ll get the winner in his last game” — when of course Berger wasn’t likely to risk an injury when he had no contract.
  2. Was that Berger’s last game? He came on as a sub?
  3. That Westerveld/Jeffers scrap changed everything.
  4. What was it? oh this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/inews.co.uk/sport/football/man-city-fans-banner-uefa-muppet-show-pictures-heaton-park-2875572%3famp
  5. It’s not officially summer until someone has written that.
  6. You changed your mind about any of this?
  7. He’s Czech, he’s great, he’s Paddy Berger’s mate, Vladimir, Vladimir
  8. In our defensive foursome He’s massive and he’s awesome From corners he will score some He’s Sami Hyypia
  9. You should say hello, you’re everyone’s favourite, you and Jarg Armani.
  10. Loads of people aren’t scared of getting it. I’m not. That’s quite a rational position if you’re youngish, no underlying conditions etc. Of course I *am* scared of it spreading to vulnerable people and that’s why I observe the rules.
  11. Getting rid of Trump is necessary but not sufficient. I know you get that. But too many people seem to want a return to the late 90s, when the economy was good and some progress was being made on some social issues. It’s a massively privileged position and we need to wake the f*** up.
  12. Hi Zishan, hi ian1204, hope you both post more often, I can’t tell you how bored I am by these other mooks
  13. He runs down the wing and his name is McAteer He runs down the wing and his name is McAteer He runs down the wing and his name is McAteer Heeeeey McAteer Aiiii
  14. Now now. I’m not being snarky. I’m just trying to clarify NYR’s point.
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