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  1. He’s very bright. oh I’m glad to see others had already made that point.
  2. Yep the KLF deleted their catalogue when they did the Brit Awards gun and dead sheep thing
  3. True, but cars and aeroplanes would be high up the list.
  4. The companies you’ve chosen are killing the planet like.
  5. Gunboats up the Mersey Oh well played
  6. Still got a phone number for that girl from Kenny?
  7. The three Dexys albums It Takes A Nation of Millions Actually by the Pet Shop Boys The four Smiths albums Tango In The Night
  8. Looks like it has to be from Evans for my work scheme.
  9. In the 30s and the 50s apparently. We should start claiming a few extra league titles 100 seasons but not uninterrupted maybe?
  10. I do remember him banging on about wanting Mourinho to replace Houllier and I guess that must have been on here.
  11. It’s defo a thing they all say. Massive liars
  12. It’s Premier League so they have the same as us.
  13. The “big six” bit doesn’t give any special status in the proposals. The point is there’d be special status for the nine clubs with the current longest continuous run in the PL, and you’d need any six of the nine to agree pass any changes.
  14. Yes, so? Everton are in the nine.
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