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  1. I’ve had this conversation with you before Gethin. I know you love to make the same points over and over again but I have other s*** going on.
  2. We can’t have it both ways. It can’t be “our recruitment team is infallible” and also “it’s fine that we missed out on certain targets because they turned out to be s***”.
  3. I reckon aliens knew what was coming, and they saved him and Prince. Rick Parfitt stowed away with them.
  4. I’m interested and frightened. I don’t think I’d achieve much/anything by constantly saying so on the forum.
  5. We know the full context of the Carr joke, though. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect if I’d seen the Sadowitz show then I’d have some sympathy with him. Having said that, I find it hard to imagine how I’d explain to a person of colour that it’s OK for a white comedian to use the P word. (I can imagine a joke where I’d personally not be offended, but that’s my white privilege showing.) Regarding his penis, he used to do a magic trick involving a fake c**k, and then his real one would “accidentally” pop out. There is a lot of nudity in theatre, but as cymro says, it might be a symptom of male privilege.
  6. The sheer horror these words invoke.
  7. And they’re missing something between them. So who cares.
  8. I like making up names too. Dr Susan Bumblehorse, Kismet Switch, Percy Feelings.
  9. That assumes there would be unrest. I’m saying he’s been told there’s no money. He’s gone, “alright, if that’s how it is then I’ll cope”.
  10. He’s never done anything like that in his career, he’s not Rafa.
  11. Because I don’t think he felt his whole future depended on signing a midfielder this summer.
  12. He’s obviously been told there’s no money for a midfielder.
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