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  1. The trailer works as a very well-observed parody of how reboots have to be gritty, and how familiar origin stories have to be amped up and sensationalized. The fact that it’s now going to actually be made is almost sad. But having said that, it might be good, and the more dramas about the experience of black people in America right now, the better.
  2. At left back, it’s Kostas Tsimikas Yes at left back, it’s Kostas Tsimikas He’s a good left back, is Kostas Tsimikas What does Kostas Tsimikas earn a week? That’s nobody’s business but the Greek’s
  3. It’s just the next generation of PCGM. A load of people getting themselves all upset about stuff that doesn’t actually happen at any significant scale (and ironically moaning that the left is over sensitive). Seen it all before.
  4. “When you start associating right wing people as being racists that is when you get Brexit” — There is no neutral stance on racism. You are racist or you are anti-racist.
  5. I don’t think people should be losing their jobs for stupid jokes that they apologise for. I know Jon Ronson wrote a book on the subject. I still think it’s very rare, and I can’t think of examples of it happening.
  6. Can you think of an example of someone being sacked for a tweet without deserving it?
  7. I think Delaney seems at least as sound as any other comedian, actor, or American I can think of.
  8. He’ll only block Keita if he’s better than Keita. And if he’s better then I’d rather he played than Keita.
  9. When Knox writes his autobiography you’ll see how important I was.
  10. Knox and I tried several times to get invited to visit Bailo in Birmingham but he didn’t want us to come ☹️
  11. I agree that cancel culture isn’t an actual problem. Sounded like you were saying it was but K cool.
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