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  1. I actually think that’s quite funny.
  2. A bad flu season kills 17k apaz. so 20k would be a result. Tragic as it is in every case.
  3. Do another thread now, I think you’ll have learned from your mistake and it’ll be good.
  4. It was properly try-hard
  5. I knew that blag Romario thread wouldn’t make it.
  6. Surely everyone was already assuming they’re closed till September.
  7. It’s extremely sad but it’s also an outlier.
  8. Some universities have said they’re aiming for this calendar year.
  9. Well hopefully antibody tests are available (and the antibodies give immunity). And hopefully a vaccine arrives.
  10. That’s good of you. now wash your hands.
  11. Johnson says we should all be using them.
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