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  1. Clear and obvious ... to demonstrate the sad state of refereeing in the Premiership.
  2. I have a soft spot for Emsworth and the relationship with his sisters, particularly Constance. Each book a joy to read. Although not situated in Blandings, for me, the sentence that opens ‘The Luck of the Bodkins’ is one of the finest examples of Wodehouse comedic genius.
  3. I love Wodehouse. Blandings and the Blandings-related books are my annual summer read.
  4. Always heart in the mouth waiting for VAR to ‘spot’ something.
  5. There has to be some sort of inquiry into the VAR ref today.
  6. Jones has been poor tonight. Almost like he is carrying an injury.
  7. Rattles. Beach ball. Or the game following two very poor mistakes in the first half.
  8. Arsenal keeper just not tested this half. Just not happening where it matters. We seem to have thrown this away.
  9. How was that a free kick to Arsenal?
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