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  1. Rattles. Beach ball. Or the game following two very poor mistakes in the first half.
  2. Arsenal keeper just not tested this half. Just not happening where it matters. We seem to have thrown this away.
  3. How was that a free kick to Arsenal?
  4. Gomez and Robinson are still out celebrating. Embarrassing.
  5. VAR likes an offside. Penalties not so much.
  6. Poor choice of subs reduced rather than improved us.
  7. Captain Carrot


    Laura K. always pick for first question.
  8. Captain Carrot


    Johnston is a waffling wiffle. He does not know how to address public questions.
  9. Captain Carrot


    ‘I heard Laura Kuenssberg on the radio the other night - as blinkered and biased as ever towing the Conservative line as usual’. Even her own at the BBC are beginning to pull her up.
  10. Yup. Great cast all having a ball. Watched The Invisible Man the night before. Quite a contrast but both enjoyable.
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