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  1. What did the Ev ever see in Iwobi? He’s absolutely hopeless.
  2. Not really, there’s a difference between going down because your being repeatedly held by a defender versus leaping backwards off your feet and clearly diving from minimal contact.
  3. Don’t think there was enough there for a pen tbh, went down very easily.
  4. f*** it. Put 5 on Villa. Love those c**** to go down.
  5. Convinced myself this is all a ruse to get some summer transfer spend.
  6. How does the keeper not gain an advantage there regardless?
  7. Poor from Gomez there. f***ing obvious and the ref couldn’t wait for it.
  8. Tyler is almost in tears here the hateful prick.
  9. Hope so, struggles to start regularly for Bournemouth and is nowhere near the level we should be looking at.
  10. ChrisC


    Lost both my parents (Both died in England) in the last 15 months whilst I have spent the last decade living in Asia. FaceTime as often as you can and stay up to date in their lives is the best advice I can give you. Keep your work abreast of the situation and that you may need to head home for a couple of weeks here and there in the coming years, luckily mine were very understanding.
  11. Papa Lazarou (League of Gentlemen), also axed from Netflix today.
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