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  1. ChrisC


    They’ve closed cinemas again on the mainland after more outbreaks, plenty more articles circulating about local governments covering up the actual state of recovery and people deliberately not being tested. All a big face saving exercise over there now since the original f***-ups.
  2. ChrisC


    Groups of more than four people banned from tonight here (Hong Kong). Been a few arrests of a*******s going out who were meant to be in isolation, some silly cow even had her isolation wristband still on and went out to a restaurant.
  3. ChrisC

    The boxing

    Sonny Liston Pariah Documentary below folks, really good watch: https://www1.movieorca.com/watch-movie/pariah-the-lives-and-deaths-of-sonny-liston-60530.1513479
  4. ChrisC


    Messages going around here now (Hong Kong) saying to avoid anti-inflammatories (Advil, Ibuprofen etc) and to only take Paracetomol for fever. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/14/anti-inflammatory-drugs-may-aggravate-coronavirus-infection
  5. ChrisC

    The boxing

  6. ChrisC


    Don’t believe a single word that comes from China.
  7. Frankie Boyle once said Brown reminded him of “A sad face drawn on a scrotum”
  8. ChrisC

    Going Vegan

    Made a pad krapao with omnipork which was great although the slightly chewy texture takes some getting used to, not vegan either since I had a deep-fried egg on top. Can get 3 230g frozen packs of the omnipork for around ten quid here in Hong Kong which I thought was pretty good, not sure how it compares to prices back home for these products?
  9. ChrisC


    More insane queues and equally mental home-made ‘masks ‘ here in HK. Schools shut until end of Feb, boozers thankfully still open!
  10. No chance in hell Sancho is leaving Dortmund to be a squad player. If we do end up signing him it’s because one of Salah or Mané are off.
  11. Nothing will happen as a result, you can basically kill with impunity in the UK if you’re from the US, Russia or China. If it weren’t for the starch in his shirts there’d be nothing holding that c*** Britain calls a prime minister upright.
  12. Their fans really turning on Pickford - it’s fantastic
  13. They did try, many times over.
  14. Need to move the ball quicker, these will tire.
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