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  1. badtodabone

    The racing

    Any tips for the national?
  2. i get a dream where i am teaching people to fly, not in a plane, but actually fly, like superman no idea what it means though i get it a couple f times a year
  3. badtodabone


    if you read the highlighted parts of the text above you will see my confusion , it clearly states that Israel started it to stop the salvos of rockets
  4. badtodabone


    so Israel started it even though they were already being hit by rocket salvos from Islamic militants ?
  5. badtodabone


    the original figures for Palestinians forced/fled in 1949 was 720,000 obviously the population has grown since then
  6. badtodabone


    yeah that worked out well for Israel didnt it hes classed as MIA presumed dead , in the Israeli press
  7. badtodabone


    from the washington post still a terrible tragedy
  8. badtodabone


    one thing puzzles me , the Syrian civil war has been raging for 2.5 years , with hundreds of thousands of deaths and thousands of them children and women some of them maybe even gassed , children are imprisoned and tortured, and hundreds (maybe millions) of refugees and hardly a word written on social media sites , yet the Israeli Hamas war far less deaths far less time and the whole of facebook is covered with anti Israeli posts , I know one does not negate the other but why is one deemed more important than the other?
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