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  1. JRC


    Frighteningly, Alison Pearson is not absolutely bats*** mental on the Cummings issue today. Nor Julia Hartley-Brewer. So this must be The End of Days, surely?
  2. JRC


    I don't know, they managed to miraculously get the figure of 100,000 onto the Testing chart on the last day of April - it was high fives and backslaps all round, as I recall
  3. https://www.getintothis.co.uk/2020/05/ian-curtis-remembered-on-the-40th-anniversary-of-his-death/ Ian Curtis died 40 years ago today. Unknown Pleasures and Closer lined up.
  4. JRC


    It's a variation to the Working Time Directive, so statutory and supersedes contracts (Our interpretation, with legal advice). You can carry over up to 20 days accrued in this holiday year to the next 2 years. Even so, when trying to use these excess days next year or after, you are still bound by Company policy on e.g. length of time taken in one go, or cover, or levels of work, so you could struggle to take them.
  5. Which immediately makes him a political target for others, both ideologically and in pure profile terms. Not sure if Patel has played a blinder by being invisible, or they have just realised what a liability she is. Can definitely see Johnson stepping down in under 12 months, and the others are already maneuvering.
  6. Just came on here to post that. Well, started to about 2 hours ago and have since been down a wormhole of favourite, forgotten and never even f***ing heard of bands. Apparently they will continue to add more, hope to have some more Reggae, as Peel himself would demand. Not much Fall, as the most Peel-sessioned band, maybe because they've been released already as a boxed set? FIre Engines covering 'We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang' speaks through the ages to me, more so now. If I've been trumped on that post, I came across THIS story a week or so back - a brilliant R&B/Gospel concert at disused Manchester Train Station in 1964 (about a mile or two from where I work), staged by Granada (and produced by Johnny Hamp who also made The Comedians). Digging deeper, here is the full concert on YouTube - But the biggest question I have - how the f*** have I never heard of Sister Rosetta Tharpe before? Of course Racism, Mysogyny, possibly Homophobia; and tbf, there are some BBC3 et al Docs out there abut her when you dive a little deeper; and she was finally inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018; but I've been suitably interested in rock/soul/pop music for years (if not a full on muso like some on here), including early Rhythm and Blues, and completely missed any reference to her before. And she is f***ing amazing, not just as a great Rock and Roll precursor as a singer, but her guitar playing is unbelievable and predates Chuck Berry and other legends. Fantastic stuff. Here are some clips of the fantastic Sister Rosetta Tharpe rocking out -
  7. JRC


    We survived the War, we can survive Brexit....but don't expect us to stay indoors or not have a knees-up for literally weeks, we can't survive THAT.
  8. JRC

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    Yeah, especially given that he starts off so passive and taciturn; but then you get to E10, (I think,) it spends about 20 minutes just with him basically as a talking head - it's absolutely soul crushing and heart breaking. Brilliant award-winning stuff. I've read somewhere that they made Marianne (at school) spikier and less sympathetic than in the book. I suspect that it could have been because the 'ugly and unattractive' narrative was never going to fly, to be fair. The Sweden episode was a tough watch, but a fantastic and emotional performance from her. It's very good. Nice music too.
  9. JRC

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    I'm with JA. I think Calman is always likeable and funny without being saccharine, and offers a balance to the passive-aggressive competitiveness and sometime egomania when it's left to the chefs. It has had a presenter before, hasn't it?
  10. JRC

    Kraftwerk Day

    It will be Kraftwerk Day on my audio player device of choice for sure. Being named in a David Bowie song title - as good as it gets. RIP FS, FFS.
  11. JRC


    I'm increasingly on the page of home advantage being down to visual clues and brain/muscle memory. Trent's ability to make those crosses and passes is enhanced by his familiarity with the surroundings confirming his on pitch position, angles etc. Marginal gains. Home support can cut both ways and winning mentality/aggressive approach is learned or instilled wherever you play, as we have shown this year.
  12. JRC

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    Sir, I am in your debt. Use it wisely Mountains of Madness, my favourite too. That one episode alone must have half a dozen quotes or memes my kids still use regularly (as do I to try to still be 'cool').
  13. Charlotte Church has been suitably outspoken and even dgaf badass in her contempt for the Tories (and the Mail and Sun) Seem to recall reading that top Rugby League bloke Kevin Sinfield was brought up in a committed communist family - socialist education camp holidays in Cuba and all that - and has retained those sympathies.
  14. JRC

    Michael Robinson

    I liked the anecdote in the Sid Lowe article - he traced his Irish ancestry to Galway (he was Blackpool-born), but claimed the 2% of dark haired folk - like him - that come from there were assumed to be scions of Armada surviving Spanish sailors. So he reckoned he was from Cadiz originally - a place where he worked and loved, apparently.
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