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  1. Actually stayed at Kenny's house at first didn't he? Another reason Harry let him go - he knew Kenny would look after him. If that story is true - I wonder if he still stayed there for long after Kenny left?
  2. JRC


    For the first time in ages, I have been really enjoying the Snooker, effortlessly wasting WFH time and getting to bed ridiculously late. As I said, the first time in ages....about 30 years I reckon. There is clearly a psychic connection (for me) between us being champions and the snooker being great to watch. Buried somewhere in there is a revelation about the Human Condition, which I am now off to try to perceive. After the snooker, of course Anyone else getting any unexpected 30-years on nostalgia rushes?
  3. Needs to look more like a pirate. If he has half the intensity, passion and commitment of Kyrgiakos that will do for me; if he doesn't have at least twice the mobility and footballing skills it might not work out for him. Does look like he fancies a bit of a barnstorming run, so that's all good.
  4. Watched 'The Australian Dream' last night, about Adam Goodes, top Aboriginal Aussie Rules footballer and the racism he encountered, particularly when he made a point of highlighting and not excusing it as he became more aware of and informed about his culture. Powerful and uncomfortable viewing, huge contrast between the supportive response for him to not just the vicious racist hatred but the almost unbelievable ignorance of plenty who clearly did not consider themselves in any way racist (but were, of course). It makes the point about 'white privilege' perfectly without using that term.
  5. JRC


    The problem there is with b******ings and dishing out orders, not working from home; it is managers who need to change most, those who believe their role is only viable with presenteeism and visible oversight, and that staff are not to be trusted - silo working is an organisational failure not a geographic one. It currently feels like it is the right wing who are mobilising the 'get back to work' narrative. Hopefully when the current enforced restrictions are reduced working from home can be adapted to maximise the many benefits yet reduce the ones such as isolation; but relying on more enlightened management isn't the safest bet.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted already, but it has set me off tonight. Resonates strongly. I'm the same age as Schofield, and my lad had never seen us win the league in 3 decades until now. Last October, I laid claim on my future Grandson's allegiance (his Dad is a Manc) by taking my pregnant daughter to the Spurs game. "Thanks" to the lockdown, that lad has now seen us win the league at only 3 weeks old. Last week 4 generations of Reds (I hope) celebrated my Dad's 89th birthday; my lad and I now have the 2 Season Tickets my Dad and I first shared over 45 years ago. He took me to the 65 cup final, and he is the first person we ring on the way home from the match - if anything he is more passionate and involved than ever, even if he can't get to the game. God bless these Mighty Reds.
  7. In this context the Data Cotroller is the group or the committee - as they decide how and why PII is held. The Admin is just the person, same as a member if staff or employee, who effects the policies. If they thus have access to PII (but are not on the committee) you should amend the policy to cover them as an exception.
  8. It was thin gruel for making a defence of Terry, have to accept that
  9. Racking my brains to understand the reference to the "full back" story. On the c*** paradox, Drogba seems to be a genuinely decent person irl, and the club were apparently quite impressed with Terry's actions after the kids got beat at Villa.
  10. Klopp clearly telling his own bench to stay sat down rather than picking a fight or getting Frank even more worked up. On commentary a*******s - the MOTD commentator's line that at 3-0 down, Chelsea had matched or bettered us 'except in the matter of scoring goals' *would* have pissed me off more if I wasn't still celebrating us lifting the trophy
  11. David Morrissey (I think) reciting YNWA on Sky got me going. Haven't got a clip, soz.
  12. Virtually identical, except I went for TAA and Nicol as full backs.
  13. Given I went into the post-lockdown period ridiculously nervous, and these boys did the job so smootnly, I am now so chilled, as given the intensity of our approach, and the imminence of next season, this is both a chance to breathe and remember how s*** it is not to win - whilst giving our opponents false hope. No better time to be less than stellar than when you're already Champions of Everywhere. Hate losing, but perspective is that we lift the trophy next week. This just early pre-season stuff now.
  14. JRC

    Some RIPs

    Any names left in his black book can relax now. RIP Big Jack.
  15. JRC

    Fan Update email

    I believe so - or drivers license. I can't say for sure as I still haven't got that far.
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