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  1. Friend works for Zipwhip and they seem decent for B2B mass texting.
  2. Ah. I somehow managed to figure it out myself... needed to use 2 cells instead of one, but should be able to combine them once my brain isn't feeling so dissolved.
  3. yeah, the count comes up correct. what I'm basically trying to say is where condition 1 AND condition 2 are met, what is the count for condition 3, as a proportion of those who meet condition 1 and condition 2. At least I think that's what I'm trying to do... have spent so long on this that nothing really makes sense anymore
  4. That's the only way I can ever listen to Trump talk.
  5. I've just been copying formulas that someone else put together... that's how they had it, and it worked.. maybe because sometimes the value is a "yes" or "no" rather than a number, so I've just kept it consistent
  6. Thought I'd add to this thread vs starting yet another Excel thread... I'm way over my head working on some Excel stuff... I'm mostly copying and amending formulas with a lot of trial and error (and then checking tweaking until I know the results are correct.) I currently have this formula which is correct: =(COUNTIFS('RAW DATA'!$AQ:$AQ,"1",'RAW DATA'!$EA:$EA,1))/$C$5 - it gives me the % where AQ=1 and EA=1 as a proportion of C5 How do I update the above to include AI being more than 1? I.e. I only want to see the proportion of AQ=1 where AI is more than 1, and EA is 1 (as a proportion of C5) I tried this =(COUNTIFS('RAW DATA'!$AQ:$AQ,"1",'RAW DATA'!$AI:$AI,">1",'RAW DATA'!$EA:$EA,1))/$C$5 But it just returns the same value as my first formula. Any help would be much appreciated
  7. It was a relief that I was offered another job, because I need a job, but I really really didn't want to work for him... I checked out his twitter, and he had one tweet that included mention of "11 yr old virgins who still live with their mom" 🤔
  8. No. I thought better of it. His style of interviewing was disturbingly similar to his style of forum posting. And I've been around long enough to know when someone would be an absolute nightmare to work for.
  9. Ah yeah, now I remember. Other Macca probably killed him and cut his head off, because there can only be one. I didn't get to that point... I received a different job offer, and accepted that one instead. And in answer to the better (unasked) question... Nope, knowing who he was, I would not have accepted the job...
  10. He's here now... which makes the whole thing even weirder. Although I never spoke to him, I also used to work for the same company as him in London 20 years ago. And I worked out who he was because weirdly on one of his forum posts (20 yrs ago) it showed the name of our company server that it was posted from... and then I saw him having a very animated discussion about Igor Biscan, and I knew it was him. Really the whole thing just adds to my narrative that none of this is real, and we exist in a computer simulation.
  11. So... Didn't really know where to put this, but I had an interesting experience last week... Rashid interviewed me for a job. 😂 Doesn't appear to have changed much. Also a google search of "Rashid, LFC forums" brings up a couple gems one of which (from sixcrazyminutes) is "Anyone know of any LFC forum that doesn't have Rashid as a member?" - posted by GK Macca... is that the same Macca from here? My brother also recounted a funny story from when Rashid was banned from The Liverpool Way forum (as he was banned from pretty much all forums) then came back / registered as a different user, but was identified right away because of his "unique" style.
  12. yeah, we were very unbalanced down the left all game, and particularly once Milner went off.
  13. Zoob

    Online Dating

    I have clown hair, so it's an uneven mess before or after I go at it with my clippers... but I use grade 6 or whatever it's called, so there's no way of doing too much damage
  14. Zoob

    Online Dating

    Cheers! No pics you'll just have to trust me she is super cute. I feel I'm punching above my weight, and a zombified Jeremy Beadle is going to jump out and reveal it was all just a hilarious prank You need a pair of these for your eyebrows and any other rogue hairs... unless you have the shakes and might accidentally stab yourself in the eye, you really can't do much damage with them. They have them at most Boots etc... Good luck sir!
  15. Zoob

    Online Dating

    No hat. Trim eyebrows if you have some dainty scissors or use comb and a shaver...
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