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  1. several hours later, and I'm just more annoyed about it all. It's a level of incompetence that would't be accepted in any other workplace, but those idiots officiating the game, will all get away with it. The Pickford assault is a red card regardless of the offside (not that it looked offside) and I don't understand why they focussed on the offside. Guess if a keeper is confident that an attacker is offside, it gives them a free hit... And Mane is level at worst. It's like they forgot the rule where level is onside.
  2. Proper old school stitch up. Absolutely shameful and embarrassing. Both key decisions were so bad, that it's not even possible to try to work out which was actually worse.
  3. Super tough spot, Barnesy. Since this financial recklessness can and will impact your kids, I think mentioning it to her family can't really make things much worse than they are. But even if you had a good relationship with her family in the past, you might get a negative response. Family don't like hearing negative stuff about one of their own... maybe deep down they know some of it already (like re her drinking) but there may be some denial. Ultimately you're unlikely to be able to change her ways, and I'm sorry this is going to continue to have a negative impact on your kids -
  4. Just saw this and it made me feel sick. I don't know all the details of your situation, but as you said, it seems hugely hugely unlikely that this was an accident. My ex "accidentally" let me find out she was with someone else because I was bringing one of our kids back to her home after an overnight, she knew I'd be there between 9 and 9.30am, I turn up at 9.30, she's not home and she texts me to say she'll be there in a few mins. She drives up and gets out of the car, clearly having been out all night. She even had a smug look on her face, but claimed it was an accident.
  5. Leeds were good, and our midfield (and defence) were poor, but better finishing (Gini and Firmino...) and we would have been out of sight. Leeds scored 3 from 3 shots on target, which is pretty freakish.
  6. Today the weather here is yellow. It's the strangest thing, but that's the easiest way to explain it. It's dark but with a yellowish light. Along with Portland, Seattle has the worst air quality in the world at the moment. Being outside smells like you are next to a bonfire. Some cars are covered in ash. Totally messed up. We didn't really experience this last year, but this is now the 3rd year out of 4 that we've had days like this...
  7. It's use of the word "ace" that gives it away.
  8. Off season seems a good time to be in jail, so welcome back.
  9. Did you take an extended trip to the moon or something? Haven't seen you on here in ages and ages...
  10. More to the point, how does he only get a suspended sentence if found guilty of all of that? I quite liked the idea of a reality TV show based on his experiences in a Greek jail.
  11. Actually feel a bit sorry for Lukaku. Also feel a bit sorry for Inter fans, whose hearts must have dropped to see Victor Moses come on to try to change a game. What an impact he had... Bit of Palace deja vu with that shot when he couldn't really kick the ball properly...
  12. Haha! In other news...I read that they got 22 penalties this season. That's absolutely insane. Also seems (from recollection more than data) that more than half came in the 2nd half of the season, where it looks like they got a pen almost one in every 2 games.
  13. Am not gonna have time for FF this season, which given my win rate last season, isn't a bad thing for the competitiveness of the league...
  14. That was fantastic. Weird how much sweeter it makes our already fantastic season that City can't win the CL. They should probably just move straight on to asking officials how much it will cost to buy the CL for next year. They have enough money to line the pockets of every referee, so that might be a better option for them.
  15. Friend works for Zipwhip and they seem decent for B2B mass texting.
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