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  1. There’s a load of clubs that will go under if crowds aren’t allowed back in for the start of next season. I just had a look at Belarus’s stats (where they kept playing with crowds For some time after when everyone else stopped) & they have had 392 deaths in total. I know this isn’t exactly empirical evidence, but still.
  2. Tommy Cockles


    It's almost as if he knew that making such a comment would have people saying the name "Danny Murphy"
  3. “Couldn’t HAVE passed it on to a better person” Steven, FFS.
  4. Anyone else got a song they can’t stop listening to since it happened? Mine is Everlong by the Foo Fighters. Just absolutely nails my emotions right now.
  5. My Mum’s Cola is back on Twitter.
  6. Tommy Cockles


    City fans response to winning the league last year was definitely more appropriate to a global pandemic.
  7. Tommy Cockles


    I will take criticism of it from our own, but sanctimonious s**** from those that have taunted us for literally decades about not doing something which we’ve finally done, & which meant the world to us, & was why they took so much pleasure in taunting us about it, can f*** off. This probably makes me some sort of hypocrite or something but whatever.
  8. Tommy Cockles


    Congratulations lads. Marvellous isn’t it? 30 years. Was lucky enough to have been there the last time we won it as a 23 year old bouncing around on the Kop in the spring sunshine. Every time I’ve thought about it in recent years it’s like it was somebody else’s life. Existential. (A nod to Opta Joe there.)
  9. Ha ha. Yeah he’s sound mate thanks. Thanks man. I’ve looked in a few times just to make sure you were all alright, like you would on a sleeping child, and you all were.
  10. Ha ha. He will be up soon enough! For once I won’t mind the 0600 visit! 😂
  11. Ha ha. Thanks! He made me promise to tell him the score in the morning. Love him. Like I needed any more pressure on the result though!
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