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  1. He was a very funny bloke who always had me in stitches on Pick Up Song. RIP Jeremy
  2. Barca v Las Palmas now being played behind closed doors as a result of the disturbances
  3. Haha! Not quite. Had to stand all the way though.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn on a very packed train earlier today from London to Brighton.
  5. Hadn't even heard of her before her stupid Ebola rant. Turns out she's got form. Railing against parents who name their kids after locations e.g. Brooklyn before being reminded she has a kid called India. She's a dimwit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A_PbSOWJCDk
  6. Was based in nearby Cassano last year and took a couple of day trips to Malcesine. It's absolutely gorgeous. Happened upon a wonderful reasonably priced little restaurant called Casa Italia It was somewhere near the castle if memory serves me right..
  7. I got one of those as well. However, it was followed swiftly by another email saying the first one had been sent in error
  8. If any of you are looking for a stream try sopcast channel sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/6816
  9. This. It's relatively cheap as well. Make sure you book in advance if you're going on a Saturday or Sunday though as it gets quite busy.
  10. I´m sure if he starts out now, he´ll get to Las Ramblas just in time for the victory parade
  11. It depends on your budget really. I stayed at Hostal Girona about 3 years ago for about slightly less than 40 euros a night. I've got no idea how much it costs now but I'd imagine not much more than it cost back then. A couple of months ago I stayed at Sunotel Central (supposedly a 4 star hotel) for 80 euros a night. I'd recommend both of them. Another hotel that comes highly recommended (my friend and his missus have both stayed there)is the Hostal Constanza. If getting a good night's kip is important to you after your exertions at the festival stay well away from Las Ramblas as it get
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