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  1. Lol why would Starmer do that? Has he ever said anything remotely in favour of PR?
  2. He doesn't have the build you'd expect from a top class centre back. He looks like he needs to beef up basically. I wouldn't fancy him against someone like Antonio that's for sure.
  3. He doesn't look very good though does he, which doesn't help. As in visually, not skill wise. And nobody knew who he was 6 months ago. If he was built and had 3 years of academy hype behind him, we'd probably all think he was the next best thing.
  4. Green Party are basically a bunch of Lib Dems and Tories in disguise aren't they?
  5. And the Socialist Campaign Group will just standby and get purged one by one. If a new socialist party was formed it would have a million members within a year.
  6. Thiago probably gets more injuries cos teams try and batter him.
  7. We're gonna have to go into this with a mindset that we'll probably need to score 3 or 4. Which should be doable.
  8. Basically the games against Atalanta don't matter now. If we can beat these lot away and Ajax at home we're guaranteed to be through.
  9. Surely we want Atalanta win. If Atalanta beat Ajax twice then they are basically done for unless we s*** the bed.
  10. Their fixtures after the international break are City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Palace, Liverpool, Leicester, Wolves. An injury to Kane and/or Son in that run and they're f***ed.
  11. Lads this xG chat is absolutely riveting stuff.
  12. I could deal with him being a bit crap. But I thought we were signing some hard lad who kept getting sent off for Leipzig? He's an absolute soft a***.
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