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  1. 15 years ago he probably could have done a Riise and covered LB and LM but there's literally nowhere else for a pure left back to play in the modern game is there?
  2. They've definitely earned the benefit of the doubt. But he's been pretty s*** every time I've seen him, so hopefully they've seen something I haven't. Robertson genuinely looked very good even at Hull.
  3. I don't think he even looks a good player. He was benched for Sam Byram for a decent part of the season. Who was a right back playing left back. And not even a good right back.
  4. Agree with Phil for the first time this summer. What a stupid use of limited funds to buy someone who is going to be on the bench for most of the season, at best.
  5. They did the exact same with Maguire. They'll probably announce it in the next 48 hours.
  6. The briefs have arrived. We don't need Sancho cos we've got Harvey Elliott. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-manchester-united-jadon-sancho-18712008.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Reminds me of the ammonium nitrate explosion in China a few years ago.
  8. I still would like us to. But I wouldn't be happy if he was the most prestigious signing we made this summer.
  9. I want us to sign a world class player who gets fans excited and shows intent that we're the best team in the world now. How many times have we signed a really exciting player under FSG? Like what Torres was when he first signed. Its what the client journos have been insinuating we were leading up to for the past 2 years. And instead we just have to watch our rivals do it instead.
  10. He cost 27m, not 37m according to transfermarkt. He also plays for a team that got relegated. He's also not anywhere near proven quality. Whatever way you want to dress it up, our rivals are signing from the top table, and yet again we're not.
  11. Its shopping at Aldi again though isn't it. I think the big thing that's pissing a lot of fans off is that we've been fed lines from the club's client journalists for 2 years now about saving money for a mega purchase and only signing a change maker or generational talent or however they phrase it. Now it looks like we're back to scraping a bit of money together to sign another player from a relegated side or another player who's contract has run down. Whilst our 3 main rivals all probably go out and spend serious money. There's only so long that strategy can work out before we sign a series of duds. You can't expect Klopp and his team to keep signing Salahs and Manes at way below market value and turning them world class. We need to invest in proven quality.
  12. Yeah very weird logic that. 'Origi did well in one game once so he's therefore good enough' He has consistently shown that he's nowhere near good enough to start week in week out in a title challenging team.
  13. Even if we can't sell Wilson and Grujic and Shaqiri etc there's going to have to be some movement soon isn't there. Presumably would have to be them going out on loan again, possibly with clauses for the deals to be made permanent. Klopp often talks about wanting a tight knit group and I can't imagine he's happy with a load of below par players who won't play clogging up the place.
  14. If you're gonna be offensive you could at least read back a bit before spouting off. The post was in reference to a hypothetical scenario dreamt up by Phil whereby Salah would be getting annoyed at being benched by Sancho. In that scenario it would be because Sancho was better. I wasn't saying he's better right now.
  15. So? If Salah doesn't start a few games and starts sulking that's his problem. He'd need to up his game or leave. If its the latter then we're in a great theoretical position as we've just signed someone a) better than him and b) 8 years younger. So tra Mo.
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