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  1. Can this all be done over Zoom these days. Flying 1500km to have a chat smh
  2. Friend of ex forumites and Progress centrist McGovern choosing to target the left wing Whitley despite the constituency only getting a small % of her voters transferred over. Definitely isn't an orchestrated stich up.
  3. I've not eaten meat for coming up to four years now. Physically I feel basically no different. Maybe even a bit worse as I eat a lot of carbs to compensate
  4. Based on this season we'll win this and then we'll draw Benfica in the 1/4s and go out.
  5. The project is kind of finished isn't it. Are they getting a return on their investment anymore? The amount they're probably sinking into Mbappe Neymar and Messi to tread water must be phenomenal
  6. We're f***ed aren't we. All the possible owners that will let us be good are pricks. f*** off FSG f*** off Qatar
  7. He's deffo the Bellingham back up I reckon. When City or Madrid swoop in and offer Bellingham 500k a week we'll switch to Fernandez.
  8. We all owe Bailo a massive apology https://news.sky.com/story/future-of-renewable-energy-in-balance-as-uk-suffers-wind-drought-with-global-stilling-to-come-12766917
  9. It's maddening how many of our fans think he's having a great season. Hightown Phil is having a nervous breakdown over it on Twitter.
  10. I've got a BA degree, MA, PhD, PGCE, MBE, and a Knighthood and I still enjoyed that game more than any of them.
  11. Sion


    Had a positive test for the first time recently. To be honest I was really blasé about it beforehand. I'm a mostly fit guy in my 30s and assumed with the new variants and vaccinations it would just be like a mild cold, but it was f***ing awful. Basically took 2 weeks for me to get back to normal. Was breathless, knackered, and sinuses were all over the place. Although the liberation of knowing i won't get it again in the short to medium term is quite enjoyable
  12. I find it really hard to judge. Like I'll listen to the cranberries and think wow what great lyrics. Then you'll see them written down and you realise the whole composition carries the music more than the actual lyrics.
  13. It's really not that difficult is it? You have the freedom to say you're Welsh because you dislike the way Britishness erodes Welsh identity, invokes colonialism etc. I don't think anyone here would deny you that. In fact they would celebrate your right to do so. For a lot of English people, they only really have two choices to self identify, and British is seen by some to be the better of the two because of the connotations of Englishness. We can't have Merseyside on the front of our passports unfortunately. If there is a hypothetical future where Wales and Scotland gain independence then English people can revisit their identity at that point.
  14. You've got a very small chance there. Think the Madrid list went down to roughly 250. Does anyone know if you ever get Euro aways down to general sale? From the looks of a quick search they haven't in a while. Anfield would be super s*** imo. The Arena might be decent but isn't it just a big pub where prices are inflated and you can't get served? I'll be watching it in my local. Getting there at about 5 to secure the spot.
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