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  1. I play at a Municipal, we have 148 club members and 30 of them are single figures which works out at 21.42%. We have bigger and more prestigious clubs on our doorstep (ex Open qualifying). The 7 what used to be "Council" courses are now ran by a Trust, although Council members are on the board. This has allowed investment through machinery/infrastructure etc and has helped the course. Unfortunately for the club you can buy a season ticket and choose not to be a member of the club, think last years figures were nearly 600 season tickets sold.Add the Pay and Play figures to that and we are a very busy course. We are spoiled up here being "The Home of Golf" but clubs are still struggling and can see some shutting due to the present situation. (Should this not be in the Golf thread???)
  2. libero


    Middle child has been sent home from work to work from home to isolate, she has complications from her asthma that when ever she get even a small cold develops into chest infections and usually needs oxygen/ hospital treatment. Her boyfriend has Diabetes so is also in isolation as from today and is also working from home. Hopefully the isolation has the desired effect, its a small price to pay that I have volunteered to do their weekly shopping until further notice. They have both been frantic with worry over the last few days and the isolation should hopefully allay any fears about catching it. Skype/Whatsapp will be the order of the day or speaking to them through the window.
  3. libero

    Social Media...

    Depends who you follow obviously and ignore the bell ends. Cold War Steve is still on the money.
  4. Have 2 mates that play in this band.
  5. VAR rules that out for a trip on the defender.
  6. Couple of mates play in this band. Should be a big year for them, playing a couple of the lesser festivals up here and hopefully the exposure does them good.
  7. libero

    FSG Watch...

    The logistics of getting to a game as you know for me are a pain in the hoop, 24hrs notice is no good unfortunately 🤮 I never saw Wills post through the week or I would have been all over it.
  8. libero

    FSG Watch...

    1 hour 15 to get to head of queue and then guess what... SOLD OUT. No surprises then.
  9. libero

    FSG Watch...

    Presently in the queue for Palace tickets, still saying over an hour left and been in for nearly an hour. Would be good to see how many memberships have actually been sold to see how many are actually scrambling for tickets, no chance of getting credits up if cant even buy 1 ticket, been trying all year and drawn a blank at every game, last week for the Bournemouth game was as close as I have ever got I think, managed to get seats in the basket but then gave me the message that they had been allocated elsewhere.
  10. Phoned SKY last night regarding my TV package, the bill was going up to £106 a month in April. Threatening to leave managed to get an upgrade to SKY Q and all the same channels I already have for £56 a month on an 18 month contract, boy said to me when that is finished and they put the price up just phone up again to get it reduced, been with SKY for best part of 20 years and apparently its the new way to reward loyalty instead of pushing for new customers deals. I am now a SKY VIP...... how they couldnt have told me that before mind you??
  11. What about for people currently with them?? Been crap lately with fading in and out and the price just keeps going up. On the phone to SKY as we speak waiting to "cancel" (hopefully slash the price and keep).
  12. libero

    Swollen Gland

    Take it easy Dazzla and best of luck.
  13. Would it be churlish to say that I hope not??
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