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  1. Crazy Horse


    f***, this b*****d disease looks like it might take John Prine
  2. Crazy Horse


    Can't be long until Trump cancels the election.
  3. Crazy Horse


    My local supermarket has now sold out of cat litter too - desperate times/desperate measures?
  4. Crazy Horse


    I ain't got no cigarettes
  5. Voted for Bernie in the MA primary this morning.
  6. Well played Watford. We'll just have to go on a 19 game winning run now.
  7. No-one could have predicted when the unbeaten run would end. But I think we all could have predicted that when it did end Lovren would be playing.
  8. I've a vote on Super Tuesday - if Bloomberg wants to buy it I'm open to offers.
  9. Just had a flashback to donating money to Duncan Oldham @ Koptalk buy flowers for his wife. The b*****d made off with most of the the cash, Oldham not Houllier. What a time.
  10. He gave us some self-respect back when we were at an all-time low, and he gave us Sami Hyypia. 2000-2001 was the most fun season ever. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago, at the time it seemed the corner had been turned.
  11. Someone needs to dig out the welcome Jordan Henderson thread if there was one. Who'd have thought Kenny was signing the lad who'd (usual caveats apply) captain us to our next title win? Only Kenny maybe?
  12. Great game - it's actually nice to feel a few flutters of nerves. Doesn't happen much anymore.
  13. Hope he brings pace, power, and Coronavirus,
  14. Who'd have thought it'd come to this, eh? Oh wait. Everyone.
  15. With a cameo appearance at the end of each level. I wasted my wedding anniversary night on going to see this with the wife. Should've skipped it.
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