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  1. «Aim for the bushes» is a fantastic opening scene. Can’t rememember much of the rest of the movie though.
  2. Wasn’t a game, but he missed a day or two of training for the modelling gig. And he paid the fine upfront. But I think the club actually was ok with it at the time. He started the next game anyway.
  3. Drexl

    Some RIPs

    Goscinny died in the 70s.
  4. When you know its a foul or offside, players switch off.
  5. Could have been, possibly. The one on Firmino should have been though.
  6. No headlines for him I guess, but Gini was almost perfect tonight. But not sure if he’s in the top three vs Leicester!
  7. Agreed. He scares the opposition a way I’ve never seen. They never even try to get past him.
  8. Wow. An open game with two good teams. Lots of chances. Bit sluggish from us, but we won. What’s not to like?
  9. Ref was good tonight.
  10. What? When? James was just awful.
  11. Drexl

    FSG Watch...

    Thought it was a put-down like sIGn Big NaMeZ whenever someone posted rumours about some unknown gem.
  12. Stegen, obviously. Rolling around holding his face. Is there a way to find out for sure?
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