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  1. Dan


    Privately educated kids haven't been pissed on. Quite the opposite. GCSEs will be worse next week.
  2. Imagine when we get to have nights like that again.
  3. Freshly laid by Sammy himself. The big chicken.
  4. He defo has some credible contacts....but yeah he's a proper transfer goth.
  5. Yeah. He was the one who had all the Alisson details before everyone else.
  6. Standard pissing on chips from the Echo.
  7. Dan


    That's weird. I've had a letter from AQA explaining that they take, amongst other things, the last three years results into account. Hope it gets sorted for you and your students.
  8. Dan


    They've downgraded 4 out of 15 for me and weirdly upgraded 1.
  9. Thiago is Alonso with skills isn't he?
  10. He's only in episode 1. The New York Times journalist is the most interesting westerner in it by some distance. Was thinking of buying his book but after seeing the documentary I'm not sure if it will add anything new.
  11. It would indeed. He'll probably go to City to rub it in.
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