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  1. Dan


    Kids sports gone the f***ing c****.
  2. I get that. I just can't be arsed with it. Sucking the life out of celebrating goals - the only thing we're in it for.
  3. Mad that we're top. Feels like we're s***e and this season is a massive slog already. Loved that win though. VAR doing it's best to ruin footy again though.
  4. Dan


    So the north will be putting up with this s*** indefinitely.
  5. Picture of Anfield this evening. f***ing hell I miss going the game.
  6. Dan


    It'll be that c*** Gove.
  7. Are French and German leagues having a break? Surely the internationals get f***ed off now.
  8. Agree. Previous games the ball has stuck well with him and he's been good with back to goal on the half turn etc. He's just too inconsistent at the moment.
  9. Dan


    A well ventilated classroom not so risky then. Enforcing the ventilation is becoming the tricky part now. It's really cold in classrooms and some teachers are not opening the windows enough.
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