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  1. You're better off just buying a wireless mouse than any keyboard/remote. Cost next to nothing and works on any surface.
  2. Briilant new add on I've just put on to my Kodi: http://kodiapps.com/how-to-install-cerberus-reaper-on-kodi Huge TV and movies selection/content (both new and old) all one click. E.g. Have all the Bottom live shows (working links) which aren't even on SALTS or Exodus.
  3. And we look better when Can doesn't play.
  4. If Gini and Origi started instead of Can and Sturridge, we would have won tonight. Can't believe Can and Sturridge started tonight considering how abysmal they have been in recent games.
  5. Makes a change from blaming the fans for everything.
  6. Even at 35, he would be a massive upgrade on any of our current midfielders.
  7. And a bunch of players that have bottled a FA cup semi final, league title, Carling cup final, UEFA cup final and now bottled another semi. Harsh maybe, but the sad truth.
  8. We're too easy to play against. Just sit 10 men behind the ball. If you're organised, then we're not going to create that many chances. If you're any good on the break, then we're going to give you plenty of chances. Recipe for disaster, which this month has been so far.
  9. Woeful from Milner. f***s sake.
  10. Tried these today. They are 75p at Tesco at the moment (£1.99 normal price). http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=292611896 Perfect combo of salt and flavour. Bought all the other flavours but only tried the above. Expecting them to be as good. Perfect with a beer or glass of wine.
  11. According to The Echo/Pearce, Klopp had an hour meeting with the players on Sunday showing clips of 'sloppy errors' that have lead to goals conceeded in recent weeks.
  12. Ejaria didn't train either, so he has some sort of knock/injury. Just read that Grujic has torn ankle ligaments. Dropping like flies.
  13. I'd rather have Zorc. Can teach all our amateurs on how to get deals done.
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