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  1. Yeah but they ve never had such a good team.
  2. I am torn. Want Brentford to win promotion cause they are such an interesting talented team but also wish Rhian and Swans well of course. Hope for a good match!
  3. Jack O'Connell, best Sheff Utd defender in my view, is from Liverpol and he is also a big Liverpool fan.
  4. Well I am not his fan far from it but top-5 place is still an amazing result for a club like Leicester and they have lots of injuries and suspensions to key players at the moment
  5. With Leicester losing to Spurs thats out of the window
  6. I don't remember all those overturned goals of course but annulling Everton's injury time winner was another scandalous decision in mancs favour. No way the guy in offside was interfering with play. I don't usually believe in conspiracies but too many times this season mancs were given a helping hand. Bar the huge goal difference shift in the next round of matches yes.
  7. And also 13 penalties in their favour, joint record number in the PL history. And the season not finished yet so every chance for the record to be broken.
  8. I d say ours on Saturday is 50/50, may be 60/40 but can see why it wasn't given. Zaha penalty for me its 100% penalty
  9. Thats a disgrace, clear Palace penalty turned down and then in the next attack United scored. Another scandalous decision in their favour after that Bruno penalty in the Villa match you have to wonder whats VAR doing and why they get all the decisions
  10. Villa scored Great goal also in terms of our hopes of Wet Spam going down
  11. Yeah but compared to Spuds, Cheatski, Emirates marketing project and manc t**** they are all right
  12. And we should ve had penalties in both matches. Again, overall play was ok, just made some stupid mistakes. It happens when concentrations level is not highest.
  13. For me they are the least annoying team in the top-6, in fact the only team in the so called top-6 that I don't hate.
  14. In the last 2 matches hopefully we ll use as many kids as possible.
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