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  1. But its telling while Mourinho rotates Højbjerg is playing in every game basically every minute even in Europa League.
  2. Yeah, great tackler and tidy in possession, they ve been lacking such holding midfielder. Not a worldbeater for sure but compared to Winks or others that were playing for them its a massive improvement. I d say he is their most important signing this season.
  3. Regarding Spurs Højbjerg and Reguilón are 2 very good signings improving their weak positions massively
  4. Spurs are my tip to be the best of the rest team may be they can even finish ahead of Citeh. They have a good squad now with lots of options. But again I can't see them amassing more than 80-85 points.
  5. I think 90 points would be more than enough to win it this season, probably even 85 points would be enough. City ve already lost lots of points but its not only about points, they don't dominate games like they used to. As for others... even without VVD we are miles better.
  6. He was a Roma player in 1984 also Though he didn't play in the final I think he was injured
  7. They could ve easily got someone younger and more modern. Ancelotti is good when you need to bring players like Allan and James. But they ll never press like Saints or Leeds under him.
  8. He was world class but football moved on and he didn't.
  9. Thats almost perfect, it would be better only with another red to them, preferably to James. But I want Pickford to play every week
  10. Both Saints and Leeds should finish higher than bluesh*t, better teams with much better managers.
  11. They are not as bad as Atalanta result suggests. Physically strong, good set pieces and several fast dangerous attackers. So may be small rotation but doubt Klopp ll make wholesale changes.
  12. I don't think its corruption but this c*nt Coote definitely has something against us. After Burnley match Klopp was furious with him and he was also VAR in Man U match last season (a foul on Origi not given before their goal).
  13. This guy Coote at VAR should be investgated. Not for the first time he screwed us over
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