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  1. Scottish goal but our guys made it, beautiful
  2. Usually I am interested only in the games that I ve missed for different reasons or was simply too young at the time. Barca 4:0 is the only game that I ve rewatched several times😃
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_UEFA_Champions_League_Final Yep, he was only a substitute that day and so Sammer was captain on the field.
  4. Michael Zorc was their captain in the 90-s but I don't remember if he played or not in the final.
  5. antona


    Younger Lewa. Lewa in Dortmund wasn't playing with his back to the goal that often, he wasn't that much involved in the build-up. But he always knew where the goal was and also could make brilliant runs with the ball.
  6. antona


    Young Lewa and young Klopp
  7. antona


    Van Horseface was just a poacher, he didn't have Haaland's pace and strength. May be a better comparison is Lewandowski, not todays Lewa but a younger one when he played for Dortmund.
  8. Players like Belanov or Cannavaro are former Ballon d'Or winners while Michael Laudrup and Xavi missed out.
  9. antona


    No hard feelings against Brighton from me, at least they are honest as you said. I d like West Ham and Villa to go down much more😉
  10. antona


    https://twitter.com/iMiaSanMia Bundesliga gonna restart in 10 days time
  11. Even scored some goals with his left foot! Thats a big news for me.
  12. Also in the early days, at Groningen and Ajax he was more often a midfielder than a defender.
  13. Yeah but 95% of his goals were free kicks and penalties. I don't think he scored more than 10 goals from open play in his career.
  14. antona


    I ve always liked West Ham. Produced some of the better English players, stopped Man U from winning the title in 1995 I think. But their current owners deserve relegation.
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