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  1. Sky & BT are saying they aren't making a profit on them, any profit goes to the clubs.
  2. I got a OnePLus 8 Pro for £650 in Prime Day on Amazon - they may be reduced there again for Black Friday Had it about a week, great phone. Still need to test the camera out but early impressions are good.
  3. My resolve may give in before tomorrow night. And if the clubs are getting the money, how many people have to pay for it to be worthwhile? The game is already televised worldwide so there's no additional cost in showing it, bar Sky/BT box office related stuff so I think it's here to stay. So if 10,000 people in the UK watch it that's £150k, if 100,000 watch it that's £1.5M etc.
  4. Was looking forward to watching this then sussed it was pay per view which can f*** off.
  5. Thought the same last night, very front foot at times but to be fair he won a load of ball doing it.
  6. Lovely. Obviously the most important thing is he loses but I'd love him to lose by a greater margin than he won with in 2016. After all his crazy charts and bragging that would be sweet.
  7. Whilst I share your lack of trust for the Republicans here, they also want to get Barrett onto the SC as even if they lose the court is stacked in their favour for years.
  8. He was class in the Derby. Just like he was playing with them at times. Love the way he would stop and make their player commit before passing it off or shimmying past him.
  9. mofus77

    Welcome VvD

    Me too. It'll just be tighter but none of the rest of them can defend anyway.
  10. mofus77

    Welcome VvD

    If he's seeing a specialist its not nothing. We're looking at severity of tear I would imagine
  11. mofus77

    Welcome VvD

    So no news yet really. Still waiting on scans on both of them
  12. mofus77

    Welcome VvD

    Just dreading the Joyce/Pearce tweets to confirm the badness now. I'm almost resigned to it. Hope Thiago isn't f***ed too.
  13. mofus77

    Welcome VvD

    I'm already hoping we can be 4 up in the home fixture so we can put on Curtis to break him
  14. I thought he had then tested negative?
  15. mofus77


    Northern Ireland schools went back about 3-4 weeks before Universities. It's only when the Universities went back that that showed the explosion in cases. This obviously proves nothing but interesting to see.
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