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  1. I'm only here sticking up the old man. Waiting for my account to be suspebnded
  2. I'm stepping in just this once. RP has history of being a pr1ck to sniffer. An 81 year old man and billy big b****x RP things he's hilarious being an internet hard man with such d****ead comments. RP - go f*** yourself And kop205 - ridiculous comment equating someone quoting the Mail and putting it in the same bracket as the S*n
  3. Ok enough is enough. It was funny to start with but has turned into anything but. Call it whatever you like, but Internet bullying it most certainly is. Sure I've given abuse, but only after it's been given to me. Sure, I've said some stupid stuff in the heat of the moment, as we all do and have and have been called out for it, and rightly so, but a lot of it is has become just schoolyard name calling etc because someone doesn't share the same views You don't like my backing of the armed forces? Tough s*** Jarg. Maybe you and I just know very different people. That doesn't make it right or w
  4. Maybe I was just glad to see it wasn't just me that was thinking it. It is and was and continues to be so. that's probably made me laugh the most
  5. How about not speaking the language at all? You talk like this is an isolated case. An exception. It really isn't. Come to Slough. 3ee the crack houses run by Romanians all the way down Ledgers Road, full of crack head Eastern Europeans. Come and see the groups of radical young muslims peddling their wares on a Saturday afternoon down the High St. Chalvey used to be the safest place in Slough 20-30 years ago, and the population was 90% Asian. I wouldn't walk down there at night without three bull terriers and a oozi now
  6. It was there for other people to also post cool stuff. FFS, it's really not that difficult, even if you have the brain of a rocking horse. THAT'S WHY THE THREAD WAS CALLED COOL STUFF!!!
  7. No fawning asked for. As it wasn't asked for creating a title thread having a pop at me for no reason, and then the attempted ubsequent internet bullying
  8. Not at all. I didn't say I supported the Govt, just the armed forces. They don't make the rules, they just have to follow them as it is their job. The least they can expect is our support I think, for being their putting their lives in danger Hypothetical scenario. Would I support a fireman that had to go in and put a fire out that had been started in Thatcher's house while she was still alive? Yes, because that's his job. They probably have a hard enough time of it serving for "us", without getting lack of support from the general public. That's my opinion. You don't like it, fine, but i
  9. How was me starting a thread called "cool stuff" and then going on to tell about a conversation I had with someone 420 miles up in space anything other than talking about something that was indeed "cool stuff"? Oh f*** off will yer. They're my armed forces as well, and if I want to support them I will, so f*** off and get back in your hole
  10. Good for you k****ead. Someone takes a contrary opinion to you, and you spout abuse. Another #internethardman alert. It's like a plague!
  11. Maybe you would. Maybe you would feel different is a. you lived there. b. you went there on a weekend down the high st c. you weren't a PC anti establishment person who ,is slightly left wing of Trotsky Like I said, it's not your armed forces so f*** off Because whatever right or wrong, they are fighting on our behalf, and putting their lives on the line. You wanna do it?
  12. Yeah, well they aren't your armed forces are they Whatever the rights and wrongs of whichever war we get into, once our armed forces go into something, the least they can expect is our support and the support of the country. You can call that what you want, but I call it support of the armed forces
  13. Oh do f*** off. I am not a racist, and never have been, and am a member of a minority myself. You don't know me, jusgt what you met once and have inferred on here. And yeah, it is Internet bullying, but it's water off a ducks back to me. And yes, you are a c**k
  14. Typo, running down. Come and take a look in Slough then
  15. I think this has merged into a different thread hasn't it? Just for the record, I, like Muph have been around Slough all my life, and it has always been heavy on immigration. Does it make my blood boil that on a weekend, and for the the past three years, you get groups of crazy Muslims shouting for sharia law and running down our armed forces etc? Yes. Does it piss me off when I go into one of the mainstream shops and the person seeing me doesn't even speak English? Yes? Is it a pain in the a***? Yes? Am I racist? No. Do I think immigration is out of control? Yes? Not sure a comparison with th
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