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  1. Nice one Leo, glad things are heading in the right direction for you.
  2. Yeah they messed up that character totally
  3. Tommok


    Well jel. It's great getting a new piece of tech kit that is much better than what you had before - especially audio visual stuff. Last new bit of tech I got was a new mobile and it was a bit underwhelming compared to the one I already had.
  4. It's galling that Richarlison has put this exceptional player out of action for so long with such a s*** house tackle. Kind of glad to have it confirmed when he's likely to be back altho the length of time out is obviously awful news. I wonder what the actual injury is. Sounds like they're not really sure?
  5. Yeah they will be but Klopp will be grand and handle it well I've no doubt about that. He got rightly annoyed with Des Kelly but then still gave him a decent analysis of the game afterwards with a smile or two before Kelly tried to wind him up again.
  6. From the last two episodes of the excellent Small Axe on BBC, two stone cold classics..
  7. This week's Small Axe on BBC was great. Really good series of films.
  8. Tommok

    The boxing

    Dubois looked pretty slow. Think the top fighters in that division will be be able to take him apart with their speed. Imagine him trying to cope with Fury's jab for example.
  9. Might be worth emailing or tweeting something like that Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert website as well - they might help shame Tesco into action
  10. With Minamino I thought he might be better a bit further forward where he's perhaps not expected to get stuck in as much - as he obviously can't do that for toffee. But he seems to lack technique/confidence with his shooting and through passing. So it's hard to see a role for him unless he suddenly finds confidence and previously unseen (for us at least) improvement. Shaqiri looks a better option but his fitness record is dreadful.
  11. Yeah anyone that looks at a wave like that and is inspired to get on a fibre glass ironing board and get into the middle of it must have a screw or two loose
  12. I hear good things about Deliveroot - a gift for all ages.
  13. Bloody hell, that's outrageous. I'd say you should write to complain but hard to know which of those to complain to. Got to be an ombudsman or regulatory body you can contact. I'm sure you've got plenty of other things on your mind just at the moment tho. Must be infuriating. Tesco are an awful company all round
  14. Ha! This thread has a real 80's/90's retro vibe All great films
  15. That's ridiculous, exactly what you don't need when something s*** like this happens. What company is that?
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