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  1. The Hitman


    The worry is with mass gatherings, isn’t it?
  2. We need more options for certain. Especially looking at the ages, we need to be giving them some competition and succession planning. We will sign at least one forward in the summer, and I see Divock heading off.
  3. The Hitman

    The boxing

    Noticed this in the fight too. Tiny little chicken legs.
  4. The Hitman

    The boxing

    With which US fighter?
  5. Stagflation beckons with this immigration policy.
  6. Great lad.The newer version of Gary Macca. An experienced pro who knows what is required to win the biggest of trophies.
  7. Nah. We make superstars. We don’t buy them.
  8. Totally agree. We’ll never have a better chance.
  9. Surely the issue is consumption, rather than the companies themselves? It’s obvious that the worlds largest energy firms will be “responsible” for the most carbon emissions. Ultimately though, they sell their products to people because there is a “need” for it. Surely it is all about consumer habits.
  10. Don’t get the flak it’s getting here. It’s fine, it’s not brilliant like the others, but it has its moments which make it worth watching. Still better than most.
  11. I hated the first episode, couldn’t comprehend the positive press it got. Didn’t get as far as three.
  12. I particularly enjoyed Sean Bean playing a bee.
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