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  1. I think you’re underrating him there, and his ceiling. He’s a good player who can contribute, and scores goals too. Will be times where his lack of pace stands out, but he’s more than worth his place in the squad.
  2. Late to the UK Traitors. Season 1 was fun, worth watching the second series?
  3. Absolutely fantastic. Keep it up kid.
  4. As opposed to the US, who destroyed an entire forest to drop leaflets to help people identify the world’s most identifiable man. Western pigs.
  5. Didn’t realise Greg Wallace was a Red. Thought he was a Millwall fan.
  6. Except he’d probably killed your family and burnt your village.
  7. Haha player behaviour killing football. Give me a break. About 20 years ago Man United had a bunch of skinheads screaming in a ref’s face like something from a Combat 18 rally. Football seems to have done fine since.
  8. Oh man. Heskey through on goal. One of the most dispiriting sights in all of football.
  9. My wife had to do some work with him a few years ago. Can confirm he’s a total b*****d. Minor point Greg. It’s highly unlikely you have anything close to a six-pack with body fat near 18%. Such a weird thing to say. Especially when you then bang on about your Harvester breakfasts in the same article.
  10. It is not very good at all. Given up on it. Is it just me or has the standard of telly dropped? Seems like there always used to be something to really look forward too, hasn’t been anything in a while now. Wondering whether it’s to do with the number of platforms and just the need to get shows to market.
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