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  1. Jorginho? Don't know the backstory, but that’s an odd one to be pissed off about. Wouldn’t say they’ve missed out by not signing him, he’s average.
  2. Felt one of the reasons that last season of GOT wasn’t as good was because it really missed both her and Charles Charlie Dance. Elevated the show. She was brilliant in it.
  3. I enjoyed it. It’s full of stereotypes and some of the dialogue isn’t great, but I thought the acting was good and it was moving in places. Good enough.
  4. Is that for real? Looks like a retirees bungalow or something. Pool view is lovely across the ocean, mind.
  5. Ah. That explains a lot.
  6. Zero, zero, zero was brilliant I thought. Visceral.
  7. The Hitman


    The Hamilton Intramatic Automatic Chronograph is lovely.
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