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  1. Partying in nightclubs apparently. Djokovic is an utter bellend,he’s been horrendous on this from the start.
  2. His kid has issues that makes him/her more vulnerable I think. Which is fair enough.
  3. With you. Just finished season 3. Thought the first was really good,third a little weaker but still very watchable.
  4. The Hitman


    I wonder about the comment Grealish made about some players being brilliant in training and then not so great on the pitch in front of the crowd. I think this will do Keita a favour, without the crowd it may allow him to come out of his shell a bit on the pitch.
  5. Did you ever go to Bourke St Bakery? Great sausage rolls. Lovely lamb ones too.
  6. What, and he (or one of his peons) called up the Pizza place and asked specifically for a pizza for Michael Jordan?
  7. Obviously. Because there’s no way they would tell a pizza delivery place they were making a pizza for Michael Jordan. And also because there’s no way Michael Jordan wouldn’t be able to call up the hotel concierge at 3am and get them to rustle up some food for him.
  8. He does. I do wonder what the point of asking questions like that is though.
  9. The Hitman


    Which to be fair is entirely correct if it can be managed safely.
  10. He’s had a b*****d of a life in many ways,though, which might account for a lot of things.
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