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  1. He's a strong, hard working nuisance. Glad he's out as he'd rattle out current centre-backs
  2. Who's gonna fight with Antonio in this one? He's so strong up top. Loads of long balls coming too. Got to stop crosses and long balls with the press and try to prevent conceding to many corners.
  3. This is exactly what I was thinking. He can't play with his back to the goal. He suits counter attack, chasing after balls played through etc. Maybe he's better deeper starting the attacks, but he's far to weak to put in midfield. The ball is like a hot potatoe with him.
  4. Minamino is awful as a number 9. Not sure what he is to be honest. Runs around like a headless chicken, every second touch is a tackle.
  5. We lost 7-2 but still have a positive goal difference and are joint top on points. Man Utd -3 gd already. Magic
  6. Kane is playing a lot deeper isn't he, turning into provider for wide forwards bombing forward. Hard to defend against and they are scoring loads.
  7. I think his barnet has the potential to be a lot more extravagant. I hope Firmino encourages him to go down that path.
  8. Noticeable we didn't play a particulary high line in this game.
  9. I think us and Spurs... Think they'll get stronger as the season goes on
  10. Defining moment of our season this game potentially, in a "don't let that f***ing happen again" kinda way
  11. Wasn't even a foul, let alone the fact it was outside the box. Astonishing
  12. One team played in Europe mid week, the other didn't, and it showed. Good three points
  13. I do in this comp. Games are coming thick and fast. Resting our front three was perfect.
  14. He's quality. Can't believe I didn't notice him at Wolves
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