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  1. His finishing with both feet is incredible
  2. That's a copy rather than the real one.
  3. Chelsea's defence is pretty poor
  4. Naby would learn loads from him. Very similar styles. Would love to have someone receiving the ball back to goal like this fella then spinning and beating the press. Hendo and others tend to play the easy ball back to the defence and slow us down when they have their back to play. 29 though, and German league is slow.
  5. Naby has been a big plus post lockdown. Our starting eleven is magnificent. Need better replacements when Firmino and Hendo don't start.
  6. I'm still laughing at Robbo, he was on something last night, like a mad dog chasing everything. And Mane's first touch in the box... We could have had four easily. CHAMPIONS!!!! 😂 😂 😂
  7. Once City are out of the CL and Pep leaves we should go get KDB and Sterling
  8. Our vulnerabilities are goalkeeper, left back, centre back and front three. Those are the positions where the backup can have a real negative impact in our performances. We're stacked in midfield for the way Klopp wants to play.
  9. Flasher


    That was the game that convinced me
  10. Flasher


    Fernandinho suspended for next game. Let's smash em.
  11. Flasher


    30 years and 6 minutes
  12. Flasher


    Well done everyone, you've been great, well deserved
  13. Why bring Israel into the discussion? Hmm, I wonder....
  14. 10 times this season he's skinned a full back and hit a cross to the back post for Jiminez to score. Happened again last night.
  15. That's twice this season we've won four zero and I've said that's it, it's done. Leicester was the first time, but this time it really is done. Absolutely incredible two seasons from these guys.
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