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  1. Leo No.8

    The boxing

    Is this horrendous scoring we are seeing often at the moment judges being bent / biased or incompetent? Snoop Dogg said Tyson against Roy Jones was ‘like two of his uncles fighting at a barbecue’ haha
  2. You could see he was aware we lacked our usual pace back there and was ready to get off his line quickly, he saved us a few times. He’s the best all round keeper I’ve ever watched play regularly. Just on the penalty thing, I think he is good at pens and a certain level of credit has to be given when players miss (I think both the recent missed ones were trying to be too precise because it was him in goal). His career record to date is 8/22 failed to score so roughly 63% success rate against. I expect that percentage will stand up well against most keepers. Takers are less than 5
  3. I think that’s brilliant by Robbo it didn’t just hit him at all, he lifts it over in any way he can.
  4. Ref is awful, just totally incompetent. You have to ask is this the best the PL can do?
  5. Hendo bossing it. Lallana injured again. Ref gives a foul just because one player is hurt even though it was just a clash of heads - perfect example of really, really poor reactive refereeing. He’s guessing. Milner injured now 😞
  6. It’s clearly to try to avoid an injury, rather than a tactical decision. Even though none of us want to see him off.
  7. Glad Mo hates going off. Thats part of why he’s so good.
  8. Aside from being weak and lacking in conviction again, he’s actually punted it aimlessly up the field a couple of times when he had time like he didn’t really fancy trying to play, which is a worrying sign.
  9. Yep - by the rules that was off, but I hate these millimetre offsides. The whole fun of the game is celebrating is goal and nobody can do it anymore. I’d be glad to see it go completely and I wanted it before. Between VAR and no crowds this is not the game I love. It’s a pale imitation but I suppose it’s all we have.
  10. All the players who we thought would be crap are playing crap. Minamino weak and pointless again so far. Connolly is making runs across from the channel between Williams and Phillips and it’s dangerous. Hendo and Mane on at HT for Williams and Minamino. Milner over to right back. Totally different.
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