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  1. I’m lost too, Woodburn would have been in nappies when Litmanen was playing for us.
  2. I would imagine Kenny Cunningham scratches his head a lot. With a vacant look on his face.
  3. He looks like an out and out finisher to me and I’m not sure we have room for one of those in our team. Not sure he has the ability to play with his back to goal and link like Bobby does. Could be good for a team who want a poacher though.
  4. Seems a good deal with Brewster. I’m not sure he has ‘it’ but this way we are covered in case he does. I also don’t think he’s quite the right fit for our front three setup.
  5. I’m convinced he came on as a sub against WHU at home soon after signing but might be wrong.
  6. Sell him, clearly in a massive decline.
  7. Swipe on Twitter... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IRsPheErBj8
  8. Gomez is great, am a big fan of his but think his form end of last season and early this season has been quite poor - switched off at times and some sloppy mistakes. Which is why it’s great to have options, maybe he’s been suffering from a bit of mental tiredness which is understandable and may happen to others.
  9. Yeah I think he’s one of them it would be amazing to watch live, it used to be so much fun watching Xabi. He’d see passes from pitch level you couldn’t see from up in the stands and I think Thiago will be similar. Vision and the technique to make the pass.
  10. I’ve never seen him play but Ralph knows his stuff so that’s good. Someone told me that Kabak is defo coming and it would be announced next week but I don’t really know how connected he is!
  11. I think our owners (Henry anyway) have bigger brains than the others, even if they don’t have bigger chequebooks. It’s not a bad trade off.
  12. Leo No.8


    Yeah I dunno what to think of it but he seems to have a lot of evidence. I wouldn’t put anything past the Chinese government though...
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