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  1. Leo No.8


    This indicates a major development does it? Hope she’s ok mate
  2. Yeah this was another great example. You see how beautiful the world would be without the sh*theads who are ruining it. We need to sort ourselves out.
  3. Leo No.8


    I agree but when all this first started I have to admit this was one of the things I worried about, now it’s not. I think I’ll just cross that bridge if it comes to it.
  4. This is brilliant. One of the very small positive outcomes of massively reduced human activity is the temporary reduction in pollution and swift improvement in the natural world.
  5. What were you thinking mate, thought I knew you better than this.
  6. Leo No.8


    I’m actually not worried anymore. Maybe just feels less important. We’ve rightfully won this league no matter whether we get awarded it or not, and everyone knows it. But I strongly believe one way or another we’ll get it officially anyway.
  7. Leo No.8


    You better believe it!!
  8. Leo No.8


    It was a shame for South Liverpool (used to play for them). Committed to spending £20k to move up into the next tier, top of the league then it got voided.
  9. Leo No.8


    I’m sure Kane would have the same opinion if Spurs were 25 points clear. Just like Brady would take the same view if WHU were in a CL place.
  10. Leo No.8


    Great news on your Dad Sammy! We are all pulling for him and for you. Got my first two volunteer shifts through from the team leader today which will be Wednesdays and Fridays. Business has dwindled to very little now so I said I’m happy to take more on if it’s available!
  11. Leo No.8


    Ah that is rubbish mate. We have actually lost a load of contractors because our main client got them to switch to perm due to IR35 (most of them didn’t really want to due to the lower money!). So those conversions are all happening next week. Honestly I would take the extension for now, I don’t think you’ll have a great deal of legal recourse. Keep things positive and hopefully it will lead to further extensions or the perm job down the line when things settle down. Bear in mind they would probably rather have you as a perm themselves, so probably a decision made out of necessity and likely higher up in the business. It will likely be temporary too. In this current climate it’s not worth rocking the boat and ending up out of work.
  12. Leo No.8


    It’s a major issue this isn’t it? In order to get on top of things we need facts - tests and joined up reporting based on the same parameters.
  13. Leo No.8


    Glad he’s fighting on Sammy, everything crossed he pulls through. Stay strong mate. NHS are amazing. Also heartening to see 500,000 of the general public answer the call to volunteer to help them, just shows there are a lot of good people still.
  14. Their behaviour is ridiculous - however I do have major issues with the Chinese government. The doctor who was trying to tell everyone about this virus had the secret police sent round to silence him, and eventually died. China also pump out a gigantic 30% of world pollution. The US is second on 15% then nobody else has more than 7%. And their standards of animal welfare are virtually non existent (which in why these viruses keep appearing over there). So everything we try to do to save the environment is pointless unless they make some major efforts to reduce their emissions. i don’t agree with the methods of challenging them from the morons running the US currently, but the Chinese government is a major threat to the world and even humanity as we know it, and a law unto itself.
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