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  1. It was bordering on comical that.
  2. Too busy with beer adverts to coach his team properly. Needs to rotate himself back to Glatten.
  3. It is disappointing though and very much goes against the standards we’ve set to get to here. Klopp won’t be happy but I guess he’ll give them a pass once.
  4. I th i think he’ll be really annoyed at our lack of professionalism tonight to be honest.
  5. Honestly you’d be going for the weather and the lifestyle rather than the football if you went from either us or City to the likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid. You look at the way players develop under Klopp and Guardiola, and the strength of the two sides, those are the two football places to be. It’s all about the coach and Zidane isn’t a patch on either, whilst the Barca guy is a total no mark. Barca have done a shocking job recruiting coaches since Pep went. Its like they think they don’t need a top coach.
  6. I think Jurgen would wholly approve of his thread being hijacked by beer.
  7. Apparently also said he’s keen to stay long term too. Kind of ‘well why wouldn’t you?’ But I think I’ve still got PTSD from Madrid and Barca pinching our players so it feels like a relief anyway.
  8. Every time I watch Willian he’s excellent. I could see him in our midfield three.
  9. So good to hear that he’s happy. I love Mo - he’s been a huge part of everything we’ve achieved, an absolute nightmare for defenders plus he’s a model pro and works his backside off. He’s our most prolific goalscorer in terms of goals to games in club history by a distance and isn’t even an out and out striker which is incredible, it’s unprecedented. If he stays another 3-5 years and keeps up his level plus keeps winning trophies I think he’ll be very prominent in the ‘greatest ever’ conversations. Oh and F*ck off Gary Neville!
  10. I just feel like it’s going to peter out but it’s based purely on my usual optimism and not scientific fact.
  11. I think it’ll be back to normal within 6 months. Maybe me just being overly optimistic though!
  12. It’s very clear when you watch the players interacting with each other on and off the field that Van Dijk is a captain whether he has an armband on or not. He really is a leader both in his play and character, and has an enormous and commanding presence. I remember when Gerrard was finishing his career it was hard to see a true captain amongst all of them. Hendo wasn’t what he is now, he had the commitment but perhaps not the gravitas but his growth under Klopp has been brilliant to watch. It has been fair and reasonable to question him at times but he has proved all the doubters wrong and he deserves so much credit for that. I think James Milner is incredibly important within the squad too, my impression is he sets the standards of professionalism that everyone else falls in line with. We have leaders and current or former captains everywhere now: Robbo, Gini, Alisson etc. It helps that they are empowered and guided by a person like Klopp - yes we clearly take character into account when we recruit, but I’m sure that he makes sure they maintain their high standards every single day.
  13. Yeah Hoever is a funny one because he clearly has tons of ability but it’s just about where to use him. If he played CB in the Premier League he would be targeted by a lot of teams aerially. Being 5”11 doesn’t make it impossible to be a great CB (Cannavaro) but you have to be really strong and able to stand your ground in that challenge to at least be able to make it hard for the striker.
  14. I thought the foul on De Gea and the kick on Origi in the two United games were both soft. I reckon both should be given or neither.
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