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  1. Earl Hafler


    I whinge about t***s or people lacking any tangible ability that the only conclusion is they're employed for negative " clickbait" reasons as opposed to talent. Tyler is a f***ing moron
  2. Earl Hafler


    Yeah, he's gone. Almost like he's over compensating for the Liverpool stuff.
  3. Suarez and Coutinho did similar. The Leeds shouts seem to have gone quiet
  4. Earl Hafler


    Tyler would love that. " And it's July!"
  5. Obviously you don't, I was just pointing it out. Trent in midfield seems more likely with Williams coming through. Is Milner definitely staying another season?
  6. You were on the other side of this when I suggested having a more expansive midfield
  7. That save from Alisson... Didn’t give Grealish the slightest chance of going near post by taking a step or committing early.
  8. Earl Hafler


    It's f***ing heaving down here.
  9. We could have drawn with them last night and we looked like Trevor Berbick Yeah, he would, although I seem to think he did it more frequently post 2010
  10. Has any manager at the height of his powers made notes during a game? Mourinho has started doing it recently but most seem to be wannabes. Rodgers was doing it the other night
  11. I think it was a remarkably s*** performance due in large part to uncharacteristic mistakes from top class players but underlines the lack of creative midfielders, so partly just the one off and partly the bigger picture. I think that and I'm still pissed with last night
  12. Not really Pearce on our chips. An explanation, not a denial
  13. To clarify, you're saying the title won't mean as much to those interested in Twitter arguments with Malaysian Mancs?
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