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  1. Using the same " invisible enemy" rhetoric, too
  2. A decent punch would do it, the spineless t***
  3. Which is why I think there'll be another announcement on restrictions in a week or so
  4. So Wolves splurge 10m on our young right back, then sign another for 37m. City nodding in agreement
  5. Perception. Shops, pubs and restaurants aren't broadcast on live TV.
  6. Doubling every 7 to 20 days, says Johnson Where has the 20 come from?
  7. 80 cases down here in the last week, more than double last week but still low.
  8. Conan prefers the Monorail episode to the College one
  9. Absolute state of that proposal. Walk in and get served backwards
  10. He's unlike our other forwards, which can be viewed as either a positive or a negative I think he's off.
  11. It'll probably be 7 or 8 close for pubs, though the nearest one to me with Sky and BT is probably one of the safest places around at the moment, with strict socialising restrictions, hand sanitiser use and track and trace; the place next door which is busy for meals etc has no t&t.
  12. Not the same as before but close. They'll do it in an attempt to prevent a longer one happening near Christmas, which would be disastrous
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