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  1. Earl Hafler


    Hancock talking about wristbands like at a concert f***ing idiot
  2. Schmeichel was massive for them and I think the Cantona thing is often exaggerated; he was very influential and the ideal player to link what was a dull central midfield with a burgeoning attack as Giggs progressed but Utd signed about five players in a two year period who took them to the next level. Alisson and Van Dijk are rightly cited as game changers for us but so were Robertson and Trent. Nailing those two positions within such a short space of time was huge. Alisson is perfect for how we play. Excellent distribution, high concentration levels during periods where we dominate possession. Mignolet would shout at other players after some of his horrendous mistakes; Lovren has similar reactions after his.
  3. Earl Hafler


    Hancock is on QT and says he's been told the 7 day isolation is fine, then agrees with Kinnair that the science is unclear. The Health Secretary sat there and agreeing enthusiastically that much more is needed
  4. Earl Hafler


    They're just echoing the Trump press conferences now
  5. Was that the game with the Vieira dive? Kirkland was f***ing shyte
  6. Earl Hafler


    True. Also, because they were late to react, they introduced several restrictions and rolled out their plan within the space of a week - many saw this as being proactive and in control
  7. Earl Hafler


    The pandemic specialist said in that Atlantic article there could be 2 or 3 waves in the next 18 months i thought we might have 2 weeks of full lockdown to expedite a return to some form of normality but herd immunity does appear to be the underlying motive
  8. To be fair, James was an International bright young thing in his early days.
  9. I think he'll eclipse Cech and VDS in a season or two but he was below them in my list.
  10. Aye. If it tastes good then there's no need for salt.
  11. Aye. James and no Reina. Apparently selected by BBC commentators
  12. Where would you place him on the BBC Top 10 they've compiled? Objectively.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52097923
  13. Yeah, I saw them two nights ago but was even clearer last night and there was nowt.
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