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  1. Listening to Starmer's words again, there's no doubting his intent to undermine Black Lives Matter as an organisation. He literally says "I wouldn't have any truck with what the organisation (Black Lives Matter) is saying about defunding the police or anything else." Pretty clear that for him Black Lives Matter "internationally" was indeed just a moment. A short-lived reaction and protest about "what happened dreadfully in the US a few weeks ago". So he played his part and took a knee for a nice photo-op but now he's moved on. So should everyone else because you know, it didn't happen here and his support for OUR police is very, very strong. #BlackLivesMatteredForAWeekOrSo I hope he's enjoying all the plaudits he's getting from the likes of Nigel f***ing Farage.
  2. Lord Charles. We'd need Ray Alan as well, obviously.
  3. redjersey


    Feeling giddy. cos I'm on some dodgy medication and not supposed to drink but f*** it, some things have to be done. Cheers everybody!
  4. redjersey


    I don't have the words to sum up my feelings. Get the f*** in! will have to.
  5. There's no smoke without fire
  6. Get over yourselves, you po-faced c****. I enjoyed it. Well, enjoyed is probably the wrong word. But I appreciated the effort and the sentiment, even though the execution is a bit s***.
  7. Love this comment under a piece on the Guardian website: "Ideally, the President of the United States of America and the stupidest person in the country should be two different people."
  8. redjersey

    The Snip

    I had mine done in 1985. I was referred by my doctor to another GP who did vasectomies as a sort of sideline. Lunchtime appointment at his surgery, local anaesthetic, only the doctor present. The most painful part was when he rummaged around in my ball sack pre-injection as if if he was familiarising himself with all the bits he needed access to. I was fairly relaxed after that, though I did politely decline when he asked if I wanted to sit up and watch him do it. I remember being quite bruised and a little tender afterwards, but my missus was so chuffed she'd be able to come off the pill she treated me like the wounded hero I obviously was.
  9. Made in Senegal - new documentary about Sadio is showing for free on RakutenTV according to the Guardian
  10. redjersey


    worldometers.info has useful stats and charts here for Italy And here for the UK
  11. redjersey


    From the Guardian
  12. redjersey


    New forum software restores text you've previously typed in. You need to click on the "Clear Editor" link at the bottom of the reply box to get rid of it.
  13. redjersey


    Schools and colleges are closing here in Jersey from next Monday, until the end of the Easter holidays at the earliest. We have only 5 cases here, all involving self-isolating people returning from Europe. No infections 'in the wild' as yet so our government is being quite proactive.
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