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  1. Gethin


    I think so - and as Dan says it allows schools and the wider economy that involves face to face contact to function more safely too. We're not likely to be busy until the spring now - but through last summer, the possibility of us being asymptomatic passing it on to guests was always a big worry - it wasn't unusual for 30 or 40 people to come though the house in busy week, that's a lot of people to potentially infect if we were to get it
  2. Correct. And obviously can't draw the 2nd place team from our group
  3. Gethin


    He's a Kelleher, Kwehveen Gunpowder, gelatin Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind (Pa-pa-pa-pa) Anytime Ooh Recommended at the price Insatiable in appetite Wanna try?
  4. Gethin


    Yeah I agree. I'm completely down with prioritising the elderly, vulnerable and health care workers - but after that you should surely be prioritising people that have the most contact with other people in high risk settings. That would include teachers, school kids, carers, people working in retail and hospitality. That would surely stop a big amount of community transmission
  5. Aye. Probably got it wrong as a homage to Macca
  6. Changes from Tuesday GK - I'd keep Kelleher in, got nothing to lose there RB - Depends if TAA is fit. Reckon Neco will get starts against Midtjylland and Fulham if he doesn't play this one. Traore against Neco might be an issue. CB - Same LB - Hope Robbo is fit and give Kostos the next two MF - Keep Hendo and Curtis. The question is whether Gini can take another game and if there's anyone available to replace him if not F - Reckon Bobby comes back in as I don't think Mo/Jota/Mane worked that well
  7. Gethin


    Good article here from Neil Jones - Kelleher used to be a forward as a kid, hence being good with the ball https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/liverpools-unlikely-hero-how-top-top-top-caoimhin-kelleher/o3am1t5ifn7q1k1oqq78toak0
  8. I'm biased but Cardiff is pretty much perfect for watching sport. The MillStad is a great stadium & it's right in the centre of the city centre with loads of bars and restaurants and a 2 min walk from the train station. Only issue is that there aren't enough hotel beds for games that don't involve Wales (where most people live close enough to go home afterwards) so you end up with chaos trying to get somewhere to stay
  9. Gethin


    Oh FFS 🙄 I mean I think the anti-vaccine mob are one step away from tin-foil hats but that really doesn't help.
  10. Gethin


    What have I missed here? There aren't any - it's not mandatory
  11. Could do with avoiding either of those two. Hopefully the injury situation will be a bit better in mid-Feb
  12. So we're through top of Group D. R16 draw is (unless it's been moved since last time I looked) on Monday 14 Dec. Teams we could draw in bold: Group A: Bayern have won the group, Atletico play away to RB Salzburg for 2nd place, draw or win is good enough for Atletico Group B: All goes down to the last games - all 4 teams (Monchengladbach, Real, Shaktar, Inter) are still able to qualify Group C : City won it, Porto second. Group E: Chelsea and Seville have qualified, winner stlll to be decided. Group F: Will probably go to the last games Dortmund, Zenit and Bruges can qu
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