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  1. They've already drawn the next round. Winner of our games gets Arsenal or Leicester at home
  2. Wonder if this is one of the "not acceptable to the board" offers that BNB was on about
  3. Phillips was fine against Everton - Id be fine with him playing in this but I can see why they wouldn't
  4. Gethin


    Full on Trump s***e that isn't it
  5. Hah - Virg doing the "celebrate before it's gone in" thing again with Mane's second
  6. Ljinders implying in the presser that the team will be stronger than people expect
  7. Gethin


    Very much so. And if they do it, they need to get away from the f***ing awful way they do Universal Credit, assessing couples jointly and making a single payment. It's s*** for people, almost always women, in bad relationships as the controlling partner has access to all the money.
  8. The mighty Newport County causing another Cupset tonight beating Watford. Surprised to see Jerome Sinclair is still there - how much did we get for him?
  9. It's a good point Which this ignores.
  10. “That lot over there are doing daft s*** too” is a really bad argument.
  11. Football fans are dead good at getting around ticketing rules. People will find ways - its just people's nature to do it.
  12. We both know people will absolutely find ways of getting around that - for all teams, not just Liverpool.
  13. Not really. Stopping the spread is about stopping large groups congregating together. Shops, pubs, restaurants would cause small cluster of tens, low hundreds of people most of whom won't normally have travelled that far to get there. Even with 10k at the match, people will be coming from all over the place, so any Covid transmission gets taken back to their local community. Whilst you're outside for the game it's the events leading up to getting you into your seat (and again after the match) where the risk lies. Large groups will be in close proximity to each other in pubs before
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