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  1. Gethin


    Thought you were talking about Macca until the last sentence
  2. Gethin


  3. Gethin

    FSG Watch...

    They've now reversed the decision to furlough staff
  4. All 3 flavours of those are great
  5. Provisional congrats Stevie Just think how good all these postponed piss-ups are going to be when we're finally able to have them
  6. Gethin


    That's my kid brother's local park. As is pretty typical for London he lives in a flat with no garden access, so if he wants to get some fresh air that's where he'd go at the moment. You've got to keep green spaces in urban environments open as much as possible. Yeah, sunbathing is taking the piss but move people on who are doing that and let the majority that aren't keep access to open spaces.
  7. Gethin


    Agreed. But that can be true at the same time as there being a definite campaign to focus on football clubs as a distraction tactic from the utter mess this government is making
  8. Gethin


    I don’t agree with them doing this, however there will be thousands of businesses in the UK furloughing employees that are more profitable and cash rich than the club - but football clubs are singled out for a kicking. Smacks of distraction tactics to me
  9. It’s nuts isn’t it. The club is cursed to be owned by d****eads
  10. Gethin


    A few countries - mostly in Scandinavia I think - have fine systems where it's a %age of your earnings. Decent way of doing it
  11. Happy Birthday Sion As you saw, did much the same but did the Tim Burgess listening party thing with Chemical Brothers "Exit Planet Dust" on, hopefully not loud enough to annoy next door.
  12. Gethin


    People who don’t think rules apply to them will find a way
  13. Gethin


    The whole of the next week will be a lot warmer too - as well as being the first week of what should have been the Easter Holidays. Be very interesting to see if people stay the f*** away from 2nd homes and holiday rentals they had booked
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