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  1. Gethin

    Making Sourdough

    I keep meaning to go back and try that one. Just taken one out of the oven as it happens
  2. I'm not saying don't buy a car if you need one, I'm just saying don't overstate the environmental benefits of electric vs conventional, especially if you're replacing a car that doesn't actually need replacing.
  3. The numbers only look favourable when you compare the carbon produced as a result of burning petrol or diesel in a conventional car vs generating the electricity for an electric car. What generally isn't discussed is the environmental impact from building the car (which is generally replacing a perfectly serviceable car that's already been built), producing the batteries (where you've also got to factor in the emissions from mining of the raw materials to make them), producing the charger units, then recycling the batteries at end of life (https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/renewable/the-afterlife-of-electric-vehicles-battery-recycling-and-repurposing/) Also the conversation generally glosses over the brake dust, tyre particulate emissions that are significant pollutants and both conventional and electric cars still have - although regenerative braking in electric cars does mitigate some of the brake dust. It's undoubtedly better but I don't think it's as clear cut as the car companies would like you to believe
  4. Gethin

    Making Sourdough

    Got a link? Seen a few recipes but was just wondering if anyone had a go-to?
  5. Gethin


    Welsh f***ing Tories are so full of s***
  6. If he signs I wonder if it implies a formation change - or at least the ability to use a second formation on a more regular basis
  7. I think he probably just needs a run of games starting to get properly back in the groove - but we've not been able to give them to him this season.
  8. Gethin

    Making Sourdough

    Anyone come across a good recipe for sourdough rolls? Thinking for burgers and pulled pork etc so you'd want something a bit softer than regular sourdough bread
  9. Gethin


    Thomas James Dalglish Ravenscroft (John Peel's son) rarely talks about his dad on air and absolutely never mentions football in his 6 Music shows. Just mixed a little bit of YNWA into some absolutely filthy drum and bass in his show tonight. Perfect.
  10. Gethin


    I'm usually hugely critical of Welsh Labour - but at the very least they've been trying to put the welfare of the people of Wales before making populist policies. I think the best way to sum it up is that their decisions have negatively affected me and my business but I'm glad they've made them.
  11. Gethin


    Welsh government have been so much better on this stuff. Mind you it;s not exactly hard to be better than Johnson and his band of merry sociopaths
  12. Gethin


    As of this morning they hadn't issued the legal guidance for what pubs are legally required to do
  13. Gethin


    Bit too late for that you f***ing useless t***. In other news, this is the the Wlesh First Minister's version of raging. He usually doesn't say boo to a goose. In other other news, if you see any hospitality business with the Visit Britain "We're Good To Go" logo on it, it's worthless. It's meant to ensure you've read all the appropriate health and safety guidance and have produced a risk assessment so you've thought through all the issues around making your business as safe as you can. In reality, it's 5 minutes of ticking "Yes" to a bunch of questions with no way of anyone checking you've actually done any of it. Pointless b******s.
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