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  1. Stevie H


    Thanks all. And Tosh I've paid 8,000baht more for a room with a smoking balcony. If I'm giving up booze for a fortnight I am f***ed if I am giving up rollies too.
  2. Stevie H


    Yep. 13 pieces of paperwork, hopefully no issues at Bangkok immigration, then 2 weeks quarantine in a hotel. It's been a surreal 7 months.
  3. Stevie H


    Am at Manchester Airport now, it is eerily quiet. So few flights departing. Everyone wearing their masks and behaving nicely. Just paid £6.20 for a pint of IPA. Smoking cage still available in departures. Communal water fountains still operating which was surprising.
  4. McConnell knows it won't be required. The fix is in.
  5. Think a lot of English people's mentality towards likes of Johnson and Rees-Mogg can be explained by the reverence for the royal family. They're born and bred to rule, we're supposed to be reigned over. Been brainwashed for centuries and the right wing media is more skilled than ever at exploiting it now.
  6. He's going to announce victory after about three states' results are in and denounce all late-arriving ballots as fixed/rigged. There is absolutely no chance in hell he runs a free and fair election here and takes any result on the chin. It's going to be stolen in broad daylight.
  7. But it's still funny that when Middlesbrough were signing Fabrizio Ravanelli and gave him the traditional tour of the town they did it at night.
  8. They're by far, by f***ing miles, the least worst option. And that's all you're going to get. There is no perfect in this instance, there's only any alternative whatsoever to what is becoming pretty open and blatant fascism and a very frightening future.
  9. Stevie H


    It's so dangerous this is. They've seen it work in the US and it worked with Brexit so they're going to keep on doing it here. Won't be long until Qanon gets a mention in the House of Commons and anyone speaking out against their lies and bullsh*t around COVID or Brexit is a radical antifa who hates Britain. And in some ways it'll be worse than the US because it'll be powered along by a much more right wing media in this country. Under a flag of patriotism as usual.
  10. Stevie H


    You think they'll announce that Johnson is to have his head chopped off?
  11. Stevie H


    I think a lot of people are going to ignore/flout the rules too. Because why not, it was alright for Dom and Boris' absurd Dad to do so. So making more likely marshals, police and potentially even troops doing the rounds enforcing it all. And as the Prime Minister says, it's all your own fault. He needs the f***ing guillotine this b*****d.
  12. And LOLing at how his Spitting Image puppet had Alzheimer's.
  13. I don't know how you're supposed to win a game where only one side plays by the rules. The Republican Party is a criminal organization and happy to flout the law to get and retain power. The game has been so thoroughly rigged that I don't know how the Democrats are going to ever get back into power to change the rules again.
  14. Read an article last week about Reagan being caught on tape talking to Nixon and describing African ambassadors as "monkeys" who "hadn't even mastered wearing shoes yet." Reagan also did a campaign speech at a rally in in 1980 at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi in front of a load of Confederate flags and talked about states' rights. Think Reagan gets an easy ride on how racist he really was.
  15. Stevie H


    They use one end of the swab to take saliva from inside your mouth then turn it around and stick it up both your nostrils.
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