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  1. It does mask your IP address Rory, that's right. In Cyberghost there's a bunch of options on the left-hand side, one of which is "For torrenting." So pick one from that list and it should then say "Connected" and show a little flag for the place your IP is coming from. Then for films I'd recommend yts.ag and thepiratebay.asia which both work well for me. For TV shows, try eztv.ag. But remember to fully exit uTorrent when your VPN isn't switched on. Just clicking the top right X only closes it, you need to go into File/exit in the top bar menu to exit completely.
  2. Just went for a state-mandated walk to exercise and see if I could buy flour and yeast from the local Co-op. No yeast or flour in stock sadly. Walk took me past the local Bargain Booze however which is still open and selling, and bizarrely had bags of plain and self-raising flour in stock. So I bought one and celebrated the little victory by adding some salted caramel Matchmakers and a four-pack of Red Stripe. Stopped for a Red Stripe and a smoke in a bus shelter on the way back and got very odd looks from passing motorists. Like I know there's no fecking buses coming people, I'm just standing out of the wind.
  3. Stevie H


    No, it's The Thick of It. But with real bloody world outcomes.
  4. Stevie H


    I can't handle this Fox News style spinning at this point, it's going to tip me over the edge. Johnson literally admitted going to a hospital and shaking hands with everybody. Stop telling people to disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes and ears you c*nts. Edit: not you muleskinner.
  5. Stevie H


    It's difficult enough dealing with this situation and trying to keep your head straight without the government of c**** continuing to lie and spin their way around this. I'm sure constant anger isn't good for your immune system.
  6. Stevie H


    I do hope that the Swedes have nicknamed it Water'flu.
  7. Stevie H


    That's surprising that. Because your predictions about all things American are usually so accurate.
  8. He's now on about how certain states won't get government aid unless their governors are nice to him.
  9. Stevie H


    It's just the name for a group of viruses. What we call the 'flu is a coronavirus. So was SARS. So was MERS. Just types of coronavirus.
  10. Stevie H


    Read an article a while back about the various billionaires who have prepared their bunkers in the Kansas desert. There was supposedly a big discussion going on between them all about how they would pay their security guards in the event of the global collapse or end of days, because all their dollars and portfolios and gold would be worthless. Could only conclude that if you were a megabillionaire ensconced in your bunker with your ex-SAS security guard, a year's supply of food and all previous currency is now worthless, it'd be approximately 30 seconds until your security guy had killed you and commandeered your bunker.
  11. Stevie H


    Crossed my mind that. The c*** lies about everything else.
  12. @Cunny Devs episode 5 mate. I really must start watching this. https://filetransfer.io/data-package/NGLONNKy
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