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  1. They're increasingly Trumpian. Lie about something, do what you said you wouldn't, lie again when you are questioned about it. Cummings was a watershed. There seems to be no consequences to their lying and bulls*** so why would they stop now?
  2. Arsenal and Spurs seem to help Chelsea by being s***e. Makes Chelsea appear a bigger draw London club by comparison.
  3. He's made some crap as well like. Miami Vice and Public Enemies were rubbish. His best film is probably The Keep. Manhunter is good though.
  4. Everyone always ends up talking about the running shootout scene in Heat when it was always supposed to be about the two great acting heavyweights finally going face to face etc. Anyway here's the original shootout scene for comparison. This is probably why Michael Mann got that Andy McNab super army soldier bloke in to consult.
  5. Agree, thought Heat was dull as ditchwater. Watched Dog Day Afternoon at the weekend as Mrs H had never seen it. Now that's a Pacino movie.
  6. You should, they're fun. First one is a proper noirish espionage thriller, second one is a bit mad, third one is really good because Philip Seymour Hoffman is an extremely sinister villain and the ones since are just daft action nonsense plus Simon Pegg.
  7. Stevie H


    It makes me so f***ing angry that actual news broadcasts read out people's tweets as official statements.
  8. Good. Now could the BBC stop having that Grimes prick on as well please.
  9. Yeah mate here you go: https://filetransfer.io/data-package/VW45VH8N
  10. Stevie H


    Had a chat with Macca on Wednesday. He's alright. He's just having a break from the YNWA general forum because it's full of c****.
  11. He'd still play plenty of games. Our midfield does lack an actual creative lad, good as we are.
  12. If City do get banned for two years, offer £50m plus Lovren for De Bruyne.
  13. This changes everything. It wasn't a dead rubber at all. Do you want a points record? I do. It still matters even though we're already champions. Is right. Bet Klopp isn't laughing it off. It isn't a call for wholesale changes or anything stupid but we still just got beat four nil. Pride lads. And a record points total. It still matters.
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