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  1. Getting concerned now, when was the last time he genuinely had a good game? He needs a rest by the look of things. Who in the squad can play upfront in the middle of the 3? Jota? Thiago?
  2. Positive: We won, six points on the board. Atalanta and Ajax drew do they took points off each other. Negatives: Fabinho injury, let's hope it's not too bad, the overall performance was average. Squad players who needed to step up, didn't.
  3. Cheek of protesting that after having a couple of nibbles before that.
  4. Early voting is off the charts, surely that's good news for Biden. They're estimating 150 million people will vote in this election. 10-15 million more people than the last election. Texas has already reached 70% of people who voted there in 2016 and the youth vote has gone up significantly.
  5. Share the sentiment, him talking about immigrants having low IQ and being the least racist person in this world was f***ing despicable.
  6. The only victory Trump can take from this debate tonight is the fact he wasn't being an a******, talking over Biden and the Moderator. A very low bar cleared.
  7. Biden hit Trump for six tonight. Biden walked all over him on policy.
  8. Biden has done well tonight though. Best I've seen him debate for the entire campaign season.
  9. That's cool NR, let's hope both Georgia and Florida deliver for Biden.
  10. At the local level I have reelected Republican candidates because imo they have done a good job in my area and community. But Trump disgusts me so much that I just felt this time I had to send a message to the Republican Party.
  11. Oh I totally agree but here in the USA, there is only two parties in it because of the nature of it's political system. A strong third party just isn't going to happen, so you got to vote for the candidate who best matches your values.
  12. I'm not going down this rabbit hole with you because we'll be here all night. If I had to choose between Trump and Obama, it's Obama every single time.
  13. So did every other President. Obama was never a serious threat to Democracy, Trump is, Trump is dangerous.
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