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  1. Republicans in Congress are f***ing cowards. Not one, not one of them has the balls to stand up to him and tell him what he is doing is wrong in public. Is your job more important than watching this a****** of a President further divide and ruin the country?
  2. Sexism and Racism. He needs to be humiliated in November. He is a vile human being.
  3. Lord of the Rings The Complete Recordings for all three movies. Masterpiece, GOAT in my opinion.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkU1ob_lHCw This is great Spread it around.
  5. Jim D


    Why not just take the silhouette of the first division trophy and put it inside the silhouette of the premier league trophy? Probably the best compromise.
  6. Jim D


    Then it was 2 : )
  7. Agree, this Liverpool team have set the bar so high this season that any subtle drop in performances is exaggerated. They're expecting convincing wins week in, week out but that just isn't the norm for any title winning side.
  8. Jim D


    22 consecutive home wins.....that's just mental. Beats Shankly's record from the early 70s. Despite our recent wobble this team is phenomenal, sometimes we forget that.
  9. All that matters today was three points. Just get back to winning ways and give us something extra going into the Atletico game.
  10. It is a strength but Klopp has also shown to be ruthless if he feels the player isn't good enough for what he wants to achieve. Karius got the boot and was replaced by Allison is just one example. If we are to keep on improving the quality of the first team squad then Lovren should be one of the first names on the list to leave this summer.
  11. That is why he is 4th choice centre back. He destabilizes the whole team, other players around him then have to focus on covering for him instead of playing their own game. On the whole though yesterday's game was just s***, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. TAA crossing was subpar, our front three barely linked up and the midfield three were entirely clueless in providing service. Robertson was our best player but that isn't saying a lot. I don't think I've seen so many players play poorly together at once under Klopp. Like they were playing with complete strangers.
  12. Jim D


    Our pattern of play has gone missing the last few games. Uncharacteristic errors, terrible crossing and a lack of tempo has brought this Liverpool team to a halt.
  13. He'll be the scapegoat but every single player was s***e. Does one player like Lovren disrupt the tempo and pattern of our play? Doubt it. I'm more concerned about Fabinho, ever since he's returned our game has gone a little.
  14. That's a shame but there has been signs over the past few games that type of result was coming. This Liverpool side are an incredible team but it was one of those days when everything fell into place for the opposition. I don't know if we've ever played worse under Klopp because of the high standards we've set for ourselves.
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