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  1. I don't like it, the collar is terrible, the key to a good kit is just keeping it simple. Why can't an all red kit be sufficient? Get rid of the teal and it's decent.
  2. With 66 points. Keeps Ole at the wheel. All those penalties saved them.
  3. Been showing his potential over the past few starts. Touch wood he stays injury free and can get himself into a rhythm. He could be the one midfielder who has something extra in his locker when we need to break down packed defences if our full backs are having difficulty. Fantastic strike of the ball against Chelsea and his a natural ability at running at defences with the ball close to his feet.
  4. That some porn...wait until the whole squad is taken a photograph with it.
  5. Raisbeck McKinlay Fagan Yeats Smith Hughes Thompson Souness Hansen Henderson All we need is a four gif shuffle.
  6. FFS 30 years you c***, you can't blame them after all the s*** the club and fans have put up with. Particularly from your own club about Gerrard's slip. So f*** YOU.
  7. The parade is going to be bedlam. They'll have to shut down the M62 into Liverpool.
  8. Million times better, this feels genuine, heartfelt, earned, emotional
  9. Souness should get s***faced with Kenny and Rushie and Barnes
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