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  1. Really starting to think we could get stung. The game needs to be out of sight.
  2. That blip aside this is one of those great, strangulatory performances in the Leicester and Sheffield United mould. We deserve to end this half more than a goal up.
  3. Just so bloody predictable against this lot recently. We have been really good overall. Complete control and then that.
  4. Haha f***ing hell. I came here to say there’s no way Leicester hold on to a 1-1 here.
  5. Quite a few of the comments on this thread haven’t aged particularly well.
  6. Probably a bit more wiggle room in signing a breathtakingly good player to replace the outgoing one going off to a rival. In any case a different time, under a different manager, and a far less important player. That did prompt me to find that first biting video though. The best of the lot.
  7. He did yes, the rancid little s***bag. We weren’t signing him anyway, and we weren’t signing him even more now. http://www.soccer-blogger.com/2020/09/26/gif-video-ozan-kabak-vs-augustinsson-incident-2020-kabak-spits-at-ludwig-augustinsson/
  8. They’ve deserved a goal really. I was beginning to feel sorry for them. Just on that goal, Neco does have a tendency to f*** about on the ball a bit doesn’t he?
  9. No centreback then according to Pearce. Fabinho seen as an able fourth choice. Looks like the links to Vincent Tabak were wide of the mark.
  10. So disappointed to see Hoever go. I’m torn between wanting him to turn out s***e and not caring or good and getting a higher fee.
  11. Every time people start to think Keita will kick on he either gets injured or a game passes him completely by. I’m most definitely not in the group that’d see him gone, but I’m now not expecting him to be the star he looked destined to be. A shoulder shrug of a player for us so far.
  12. Trent relegated to second place in the striking the ball sweetly table
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