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  1. Cobs


    might be an idea for supermarkets to do some pre-bagged shopping '4 pack of loo roll, hand soap, loaf of bread, 2 pints of milk, bag of pasta, bag of rice, tin of beans etc ' - sell 1 per customer, don't put the items on the shelves so everyone can get essentials and perhaps encourage some t***s to calm the f*** down. that was Ant, surely?
  2. Cobs


    Our school is saying ‘key worker’ means both parents
  3. Cobs


    Have you made your client aware of the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme ?
  4. Cobs


    yes - have an EasyJet pilot as a client i'm in the process of arranging a mortgage for - so that's that fecked
  5. Cobs


    you've f***ed the formatting there so hard to reply line to line but 1+2) i'm not sure who you're reckoning should be taking out a bank loan there - the reality is a tenant, not you, is going to be paying your mortgage including any accrued interest, so you k'now... 3) yes - so quit f***ing whining 4 ) you brought it up 5) so not solely reliant on the BTL income in short, if you're being given the benefit of not having to pay your mortgage as a landlord then it's a f***ing s***ty thing to not pass that on to a struggling tenant
  6. Cobs


    1) it's a benefit - should you decide to exercise it - because it's immediate relief to your cashflow 2) if you don't have to pay your mortgage, you're not taking any hit by not receiving rent in that same month 3) maintenance charges are part and parcel - rent received will be higher than any mortgage cost (unless you've lied on your mortgage application) so finding money for that shouldn't be that hard 4) if the place is empty you're not getting any rent anyway - so how the feck is that relevant ? 5) I don't know of any retiree solely reliant on BTL income to get by (though that doesn't mean there aren't any)- in my experience they still have state + any personal pension. If they are in that position (rental income is all they have) then they can speak with their tenant and come to a temporary arrangement. And you can't see how a mortgage holiday would be of benefit it that scenario ?
  7. Cobs


    do you think a landlord benefiting from a mortgage holiday should in turn give his tenant a holiday from their rent?
  8. Cobs


    Sorry for your loss, BoboS
  9. Cobs


    and when the time comes for them to pay it they'll most likely have a tenant in the property paying it for them of course it should be passed on to the tenant
  10. Cobs


    just get the PL clubs to agree to a moratorium on the transfer of players (or playing new players) until this season is concluded
  11. Cobs

    London drinks March

    yes - absolute s***housery from Johnson
  12. Cobs

    London drinks March

    one of them, innit? i've got a client appointment in east London in the morning - but the wife of the couple I'm meeting is pregnant - so i'm going to offer to cancel that then i've another appointment in the early arvo in SW london - except that's with the owner of a Gym, in their premises, which doesn't sound like the most sensible place to be going currently, so may seek to postpone/skype that not overly concerned about getting Coronavirus myself tbh - more on who i could pass it on to , which brings us to going to the pub to meet up - contrary to what we're being told to do - and for that reason unfortunately, I'm out.
  13. Cobs


    Ahh mate. Gutted for you.
  14. Cobs

    London drinks March

    Yep. Boris has f***ed this
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