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  1. Atticus Finch


    Just to say not all authorities are like that. The local authority i'm at hasn't put any restrictions in place
  2. If indemnity is cheap its worth thinking about for speed, but if you do once its done i'd try to get the possessory title for garden changed to absolute through a proper solicitor. Will save headaches further down the line of next remortgage or if you come to sell it
  3. Atticus Finch


    Haven't tried, as i'm not symptomatic and therefore don't meet the criteria
  4. Atticus Finch


    Testing for key workers this weekend in the region that i work. Only announced now (3pm on a Friday) and only available if you or member of household has started to develop symptoms in the last 72 hours. Drive through only. Doesn't feel very helpful does it, could lend itself to a 'we offered, people didn't take it up' whitewash
  5. I'm already seeing on social media that he was the one who decided not to prosecute Saville. So basically attack line is anything from when he was DPP that wasn't perfect in hindsight (irrespective of what the real issues were)
  6. Atticus Finch


    Age demographic and quality of overall health and health care provisions in countries are seemingly making a big difference to the death rates. Should also be said that accurate figures for infections at this point are impossible, there will be lots of people with mild cases who don't know they have it, won't be diagnosed and therefore won't appear in the numbers
  7. Superfly. Soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield is much better than the film
  8. Discredit us and distract from them at the same time
  9. I'm sure the 'hacking' was reported at the time
  10. Alisson is best of the lot - head and shoulders above his peers. However given he's been injured this season i'd say mane and Henderson have been the most important
  11. Definitely the best i've ever seen. So many attributes. Positioning, dominating a third of tbe pitch, the passing range. Not just saving shots but directing the ball to safety. The calmness. Never seen anything like it
  12. We are currently the best team in europe. Our co-efficient on the uefa website shows us in 8th place. Its clearly a b******s measure and macca is wrong
  13. I'm definitely guilty of that. Listening to the episode made me remember how i felt coming out of the ground after i saw him make his first start, or when i saw him score a hattrick a few days after his england debut. Thought we had a world beater on our hands. Just such a shame how it all panned out - on the decline from 19 then a series of poor career decisions ruined his legacy
  14. Quite timely for the stadium discussion, potential progress on safe standing https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51413557
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