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  1. was it all made up? I know Smith said it didn't happen but didn't the Ambulance service confirm something did happen (sorry forgive my ignorance)
  2. He still is, probably even more so than he used to be
  3. andymac

    The Lions

    Yeah, I think you are right
  4. andymac

    The Lions

    Not sure i view Phillips as more positive, but if he is fit Gatland will pick him.
  5. Yeah, I am prettysure you are right. One of comementators on sky or tms mentioned he was the ball shiner. In the match against Aus, Dirk Nannes made a comment about pushing the boundaries with respect to working on the ball.
  6. if only they thought to publish decisions like this when they were taken or list in advance* which referees were to take charge of which games and which ones were being "rotated" to a lower division... * a long time in advance
  7. andymac

    Gareth Barry

    Exactly, yet the press peddle the line that we unsettled the player publicly using the media when we did no such thing.
  8. andymac

    Gareth Barry

    The same day the story was in the echo a very similar story appeared in the Brum local press, how do you think that got there, from us or Villa? O'Neil overlooked that particular point when he started bleating about us leaking to the Echo.
  9. yeah, that's right, no one else ever whinges do they.... and as for thinking the world of football, cricket and rugby owes us a favour, you are talking utter rubbish. I agree with your last point though.
  10. Very similar to how I feel but it wasn't Sven as such that turned me off England but the inherent xenophobia that his appointment seemed to bring out. The way the press portray and percieve England was a part of it too. Actually now I think about it there are lots of reasons why I dislike the national side.
  11. He deserves to go but the FA don't have a great track record of making the right decision do they?
  12. Lets hope so eh? If he played for any other club than Chelsea he wouldn't be near the England set up, it is farcical that he makes the squad eveytime. He is up there with Phil Neville as having lots of England caps for no obvious reason.
  13. I was exactly the same. I have had a lot of conversations with non liverpool fans recently who have all said that they consider fat frank outrageously overrated. It has taken a while for everyone else to cotton on but finally the rest of the footballing world has realised. Prior to that I had to put up with lots of people telling me he was better than Gerrard!!
  14. and that Mikkel Beck bloke who played for Boro, he was garbage.
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