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  1. Jonesy


    Gwan lad. Safe distance drinking. Let me know when your back and you fancy it, we'll have a couple in Liverpool over the summer at some point.
  2. Watched it last night. It was a poor man's pitch perfect 3, and that was s***e enough
  3. Jonesy


    I am really sorry to hear that Raj.
  4. Jonesy


    Should've come to mine. There must be 100s of us behind enemy lines in this neck of the woods. Fireworks were going off all over the place.
  5. Jonesy


    So much for the people of North Wales wanting to keep the English out of their holiday homes. They can't even keep coronavirus out of their chicken processing factories!
  6. Jonesy

    Kitten needed

    tee hee!!! It popped up as memory so I thought I'd share it all over again.
  7. Jonesy

    Kitten needed

    Careful I'll dig out that phot of when you did that photo shoot for saga!!
  8. Jonesy

    Kitten needed

    He's a after one without a throbbing thumb. I am going by the pictures you've sent me previously. Wait that wasn't a thumb was it?
  9. Jonesy

    Android Boxes

    If you haven't joined my Discord Group then please message me for an invite. In a nutshell on Saturday I pointed my swag towards a new DNS (as there were a few issues re the prem games on Wed, Thrs and Fri). So most probably all of your apps are still cached trying to access the old info. I suggest 1. Cleat the cache 2. If that doesn't work log out and log back in again (clear the data and renter the line details.) 3. Reboot your router to clear the decks of everything. Anyone with SIPTV on smart TVs will have reload the line at siptv.eu/mylist All apps as of Saturday afternoon for the Brighton v Arsenal game were up and running.
  10. Jonesy


    It won't even have a chance to go on my phone as I don't turn the Bluetooth on either.
  11. Jonesy


    Check your phone ...apple and google have already added the back end stuff to it. The cheeky scamps I went into settings and searched covid-19 and low and behold there is a thing called "COVID-19 exposure notifications" I doesn't do anything as I haven't go the app installed
  12. Jonesy

    Android Boxes

    Aye not the best of starts. It was fine until you signed up!!
  13. Jonesy

    Android Boxes

    oops! Cyber attack I think. They couldn't even log in to the panel to make the changes. Will be sorted for when the real football starts at the weekend. Frustrating even if it was only Villa v Sheff Utd and Man City v Arsenal. A few servers were hit. So not sure if it was the EPL/Sky or some fella for s***s and giggles in his bedroom somewhere in the Ukraine!
  14. Jonesy


    Swiss Ronnie
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