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  1. floyd

    FSG Watch...

    Didn't understand the last 2 pages but that's because I'm pretty Gormley
  2. I'm sure we have more people now, doing the roles that Smith and Robinson carried with such class and professionalism than where in the combined 1976 lineups of Sly and the Family Stone and Earth Wind and Fire.
  3. At the time Robson was the face of New Balance, Keegan was the face of Patrick. They made your feet look like Sideshow Bob''s
  4. Build a conservatory out of leylandii. That'll show them.......
  5. floyd

    Luis Suarez

    Wonder if his next move after Barcelona, will be back to us?
  6. Or if Nicol completely wiped Thomas out........
  7. Its on ITV, RFH and Adrian Chiles. On the same programme. Oh whoopy
  8. Daniel Taylor ‏@DTguardian Balotelli politely turned down interview request last night. Progress. Last time I asked him he pretended I was talking to a lookalike. Dale Thomas ‏@DaleARThomas @DTguardian he just probably thinks you're a kno*head
  9. Bringing Barry Davies back for a commentary tonight will be interesting. Hearing the sound of silence every now and then instead of the inert drivel they all seem to think is necessary will be a welcome change. Be even better if Davies does his commentary speaking down a landline phone replicating those European away games
  10. Bit dubious about opening that link. Sounds like it will take you to Red Tube
  11. The weekends used to be fun when we won and the Mancs lost.
  12. Dear John, can you please stop buying Linda some Agent Provocateur, and buy a top class striker.
  13. Dear Brendan, can we get back to winning by 4 or 5 goals. Much better for my health and the beta blockers can be put to the back of the cabinet Thanks and all the best Floyd PS, Please don't play Steven and Lucas together, ever. Again
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