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  1. Only thing i miss about living down south, was using Virgin 1st class free most weekends with their loyalty card. Last time i did 1st class was beack end of last year, cost an extra fiver on the single standard ticket from Wigan to the delights of Motherwell for work.
  2. jon_hall


    He's called Dave anyway.
  3. Thats cos they've met him... I normally stay at Holiday Inns or the like as i have their card and collect the points for free nights etc... No idea, but this far in advance you might be able to get a Holiday Inn pretty cheap.
  4. She complained why i hadn't taken her there before... Remember taking some of the Leverkusen fans in there and then said it's a bad place as there's bllod all over the toilets. A few specks and they were worried.
  5. Thankfully i no longer have to put up with Magic Melia and his train, unless he transfers to the Kirkby line...
  6. jon_hall

    Blood pressure

    Lucky you've not drank a lot since Friday then
  7. It had better Mr N, remind me to give you the cash for this at the gig before that.
  8. jon_hall

    Blood pressure

    Get an earlier train then, stupid.
  9. Woohoo, Dee is f***ing off to Ireland.
  10. jon_hall

    Blood pressure

    Must be the stress of thinking about that, Chris...
  11. There are a lot more than you think.
  12. Corby is in Scotland... And to be fair, i'd rather move to Moss Side in Manchester than even think about going to never mind living in Corby. Disaster of a place. I'm hoping to eventually f*** off to Barcelona, seriously need to get round to learning spanish then catalan. Company i work for medium to long term plan is to open up across europe. Plus it's only 2 hrs back to Liverpool.
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