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  1. Cunny


    if they want to complete it by August 1st then that is 7 weekends So, there will need to be 2 sets of midweek fixtures
  2. Cunny


    have all the fixtures been published/leaked?
  3. Cunny


  4. Cunny


    all of which can be alleviated by throwing extra money at the EFL to compensate for any decline in attendances and loss of revenue
  5. Dark Season 3 released June 27th
  6. Cunny


    I'll be amazed if it is not Kuenssberg delivering the statement quoting a "source"
  7. I've never been called that before! 😉 I've probably only seen him 6 or 7 times. In those times he's not been rubbish but not really stood out either. yesterday he got 3, should have had more. Mainz were bloody terrible it seems Klopp and the analysts like him. So, that will do me and I'm sure we'll improve him. I'd prefer Sancho. Not really seen anything of Havertz but at the rumoured fees you can understand why we are going for Werner.
  8. yeah, I'm sure we will improve him if he comes. I've not seen a great deal of him, it has to be said.
  9. I'm the same, he's never overly impressed me when I've seen him play. Seems to miss more than he scores - should have had 5 or 6 today.
  10. It is on britbox but I managed to download it from a torrent.
  11. Started re-watching Our Friends In The North. It really is excellent but so depressing in that nothing has really changed. Some cast as well.
  12. Cunny


    Beyond parody.
  13. Finished The Plot Against America - really good and will make you angry. Obvious parallels to what is happening currently in America.
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