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  1. I watched it it, though t it was quite good. Will defo watch next episode. I binned off Ratched after one episode. Style over substance. I did enjoy the first episode of Utopia (I've never seen it before), plenty of Liverpool locations in it!
  2. it will be non-stop CB links from now on Upamecano would be more likely than Koulibaly based on age and likely fee.
  3. Cunny

    Welcome VvD

    lucozade and grapes - he'll be sound for Wednesday
  4. Does anybody genuinely know if Adrian is better or worse than people like Runarsson, Nyland, Steele, Peacock-Farrell, Olsen, Rodak, Ward, Casilla, Steffen, Foderingham, Button or Ruddy? He's definitely no worse than Hart, Hennessy or Nyland. I do wish we had better but very few other clubs do.
  5. Cunny

    Welcome VvD

  6. Cunny

    Welcome VvD

    if true, he'll be doing well to be fit for the euros.
  7. Cunny

    Welcome VvD

    Dutch TV reporting the same.
  8. Cunny

    Welcome VvD

    who made you the forum police? BEIN do have journos in the UK. They may have heard something. We don't know it is based on some fella's tweet. Let us hope it is nonsense.
  9. Cunny

    Welcome VvD

    BEIN Sports reporting he's out for 8 months Mate who told me this has now said it may have been Keys and Gray speculating.
  10. Started watching Tin Star last night. it is kind of ok and piss poor at the same time.
  11. The Echo says it is Rick Parry's plan but FSG support it.
  12. if there is any truth in it, it will end up being a compromise who votes on it? the PL plus EFL and FA? Can't see the bottom half of PL voting for 18 clubs Can't see EFL sides voting for the league cup to be scrapped. Depends how desperate they are for cash now.
  13. Echo reporting that there is no interest in Butland and we will not be buying a keeper before the domestic transfer deadline.
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