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  1. Klopp talking was good but apart from that it's just a review of the games. I was expecting much more behind the scenes footage.
  2. Cunny

    The cricket

    I reckon Pakistan all ready have enough runs.
  3. let us not discount this as a possibility
  4. True. I have assumed naming 9 subs and you can use 5 of them. If it is 7 and 3 then it is a definitive non-starter.
  5. if he starts 10 and if it is 5 subs we can sub Robbo off after 65/70 in games we winning comfortably to save his legs
  6. £20 fair enough £20m - never happening
  7. Rashford starts for England ahead of Sancho.He would be well justified asking for parity.
  8. Sold out on Nike website. judging by the queues to get on the LFC online store, it may do the same there. clearly lots of people like it nd our buying it.
  9. I've just seen the prices. Kinell!!!!! No wonder the club wanted a 20% cut! We'll be able to afford Sancho and his wages no problem!!!!
  10. how many players can we afford to give £300k per week to? Maybe one or two. the trouble is, if you give that to a new signing, all those lads that have actually won us things will want it too and they would be justified.
  11. I doubt fans will be back in any numbers before Christmas and I wouldn't be surprised if the whole of next season is behind closed doors.
  12. the thing about him preferring here is probably if all other things are equal. If he's offered £300k per week by the mancs and £200k per week by us, that preference will soon change.
  13. even in normal times maybe we would do £60m up front and £60m in add ons but I don't see us paying him £300k per week
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