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  1. Ed the Wool


    Expect it will be all sorted down at the Lodge. Trebles all ‘round.
  2. Ed the Wool


    The country has been gaslit by them and the press for years now. I hope this is the moment where everyone comes to their senses but I doubt it. There needs to be serious systematic constitutional reform before that will happen.
  3. Something doesn't add up about him lending them the money, unless it's a tax fiddle. Which it probably is because it is Ashley.
  4. That’ll be a no Chris!
  5. No to the green on the home kit. Yellow I can handle. even a bit of black at a push.
  6. After Kenny and Rush he was my favourite as a kid. Think he's still underrated. He had the absolute lot. Scored some brilliant goals as well.
  7. Ed the Wool


    Ha. Belter. I mean FFS. Whatever happened to BenFoglesKhole on Twitter. Used to really enjoy that. Presumed it was Scouse in origin.
  8. Ed the Wool


    https://m.ok.ru/video/1329763519042 Found the Rakuten Barca doc episode with us in it from last year.
  9. Ed the Wool


    Ah Sam, i'm really sorry mate. Look after yourself and the family as much as you can.
  10. Ed the Wool


    I’m not wishing death on him either, but faced with the facts a few weeks ago, and with the health of millions of old and frail people under his direct power he did the exact opposite of what should have been done to take care of them. He did the same over Brexit, all for his own gain. Nobody should feel sorry for him. He literally being forced to take his own medicine. And he won’t have been kept waiting for 9 hours in a corridor, s***ting in his pants or on the floor because there weren’t enough nurses.
  11. Dean Saunders was s***e for us. Kenny’s later signings were poor, and the rest were ageing. A few more below average signings by Souness and we were upper mid table. The current Utd decline has similarities. I went quite a bit the 91/2 season, pay on the gate, the Kop was half empty, and we dreadful!
  12. Even on episode 6/7 I was still wondering if it might be a wind up. Leaders of the free world!
  13. Ed the Wool


    Bet Boris hasn't got it, the blagging workshy c***. Bet he's got a note off his Dad so he doesn't have to do PE as well.
  14. Ed the Wool


    Eskimo, really sorry pal. Thoughts are with you and sending the vibes.
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