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  1. My dad (b.1936) used to refer to marbles as 'ollies'. So 30's/40's slang at a guess!
  2. They're thick as f*** these c****.
  3. If he does manage to get in, it's the only thing that will give them a chance of keeping them in long term. Burnham and the north are all going to be clamouring for it after this. Think plenty of other people will want change too. That's the worry. Everything points to him being f***ing useless.
  4. The best thing the left can do now is stick to Starmer til he gets in and then push through PR. They can split off after that. That's the kind of tactic they aren't very good at however. I honestly think Labour is done without PR. The press and the right have the country by the balls.
  5. Ed the Wool


    Sorry for your loss Downunder. Take care of yourself.
  6. It's the lack of a crowd and the dreadful refereeing. It's sterilising. I thought we were a lot better second half. Still not completely clicking, but dominant.
  7. Before he and Carragher stabbed him in the back with Purslow for Hodgson.
  8. Enjoyed it. Thought we did very well, especially with all the rotation. Worth getting up at 3 am. Fabinho was magnificent. Thought Robbo was too, I think he's got more goals in him if encouraged to shoot in some of the positions he gets in. We have so much talent in midfield and attack. Really hope VVD can be back for a final or to lift the league again this year. Ideally both.
  9. That reads like someone has had a sniff of something, but doesn’t know what is really going on. Apart from the mention of the hotel announcement, which has floated around for ages anyway, there’s nothing new in there. There’s two main issues they face to transform the area and those are transport links and land. While the first one is achievable, the second one is much more difficult. Unless they’ve been buying up property for a while of course. Edit: it does suggest they’re in this for the long term to me though, which is the better option compared to going through a takeover, wi
  10. Just woken up livid. Going to be a long week.
  11. I still can’t get my head around that being disallowed. It’s f***ing mental.
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