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  1. And their keeper for Gini’s first. Smoke hands!
  2. i was always convinced it was rigged in favour of private schools when I went to university in 91. Convinced the posher the school, the easier they were marked. Seemed like everyone had come from that background, and to say some of them were not very bright wouldn't be in any way unkind. They'd have left a comprehensive at 15. What they were all good at was being polished, polite, and playing the game with the academics. England is bent as f***, and always has been.
  3. Has to be a wind up. No one is that thick...
  4. Poor Crouchy. Great touch for a big man.
  5. 'If you don't make it, Sky will.'
  6. It’s growing on me. Think I’m just desperate for the football to start again. I’m on here talking about kits. It’s a new low, Lynn.
  7. Don't like them. Think I liked all the NB ones as well. Nike have had a stinker here.
  8. Just given me a good laugh on Twitter. A lovely tribute!
  9. Yeah I think his heart was in the right place too. He just used to put his foot in it a bit. Pretty sure he still works out of the London office, including this season. Compared to Purslow and Ayre, Moore was brilliant!
  10. Don’t think it’s just that. If I was guessing it would be that there hasn’t been enough visible difference. Ticketing still a mess for example. He came out with some cringeworthy wool s***e as well a few times. I hope Hogan is going to move to the city now though. He needs to have the pulse, or he’ll learn the hard way.
  11. I thought that as well.
  12. I wonder if this is what might come next. It'll take pressure from the rest of the clubs. I think I heard/read that City's only recourse then is to the Swiss courts, which would no doubt be very expensive. If Uefa roll over on this I think they're done. It might take a slow bleed and a few seasons.
  13. I can't see the other big clubs being too happy with Uefa over this. It's an absolute clusterf***. Which raises the question, what if Uefa say 'f*** you, we are banning you for 2 years anyway.' What recourse do City have? Make Uefa let them play? They can say, it's out competition, our rules, so f*** off. I can't see any of the top clubs in Europe rushing to their defence. If UEFA's only fear is the legal costs, they're more s***house than I thought.
  14. I was thinking it doesn’t sound like Jurgen, but it does sound like the kind of thing Kenny or Carragher might persuade him was a good idea 8 pints in!
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