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  1. Shows just how much clowns can cost you. Over the years so many moments like this from Ming, Karius, Lovren, Moreno etc.
  2. crisps

    Rhian Brewster

    Shame isn’t it. You see so many like that in the lower league. You’d think they’d try reducing ticket prices to fill Stadiums. Would result in Better support / atmosphere and they’d make more on food drinks etc.
  3. "He was just trying to fight me, he wasnt even watching the ball" :D
  4. Did Daniel Craig’s accent really not bother anyone in Knives Out?
  5. I’m Still on the handball check haha
  6. I don’t really care about the FA CUP, there’s much bigger things that need wrapping up first but there’s also no need to play an u23 squad. Adrian, Origi, Jones, Minamino and the rest will all benefit from some proper game time. It’s also good for the ones coming back from injury for the run In. None are playing regularly so bit of a stupid decision to rest 11 players who hardly play. Wouldn’t be surprised if we change our stance shortly
  7. Great how he reached Salah before anyone else! Must have been a real sprint!
  8. FWIW my Portugese friend said: He is a good player but,... not for premier league or M U lol playing portuguese league and premier league isn't the same thing. Portuguese league is very weak, Any team on premier league could be champion in Portugal. Disclaimer. I take no responsibility when he wins World Player of the Year next year
  9. Nearly posted earlier it’s almost impossible to get the ball off Gini!
  10. I think it’s because Tyler said “ooooh Mane’s in trouble here” when he actually wasn’t!
  11. Every stadium will need a couple of rails in the next year or so with two cameras. One tracking the ball and one tracking the last man/men with some very high frame rate and a very good zoom. It’d almost automate the process.
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