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  1. crisps


    Quite a few people put “coinops” on these and load with 1000s of roms. Iirc Usually requires fitting a decent size hard drive and connecting via PC to transfer the data over. But it’s a very good machine for emulation. Next thing you know you’ll be buying and collecting for all other consoles In Modern gen, I finally finished Fallen Order. Hadn’t been on ps4 for months. Was a good game in the end after a slow start. I’ve just started Far Cry 5 which isn’t new but just something I’ve never got round to playing. Liking it so far. Open world madness but you always know what you’re doing.
  2. I don’t think it’s even defensive cover we need. It’s someone who’s gonna push to be a starter I’d say. Would have expected Shaqiri, Wilson, Lallana and Origi to be replaced by a couple of quality players too.
  3. Really good tonight. Even though he scored a hat trick - I think he looked and played much more like a team player tonight instead of just trying to do everything himself.
  4. For all the great work Firmino does. It’s clear we need a Very good plan b finisher.
  5. 3 shots on target. 3 goals. It’s like a Lovren Mingolet special this.
  6. Only about 18 years too late but listened to Interpol for first first time. Loving the debut album.
  7. Read a Pitchfork “best shoegaze ever” list last week. Was quite surprised to see a Verve (debut) album at number 6. I’d really only ever heard the usual Urban Hymns stuff as a teen so I was pretty intrigued by this, and yeah it really is like a different band. It’s an brilliant album.
  8. Tbh. I didn’t actually consider there was a Spanish version with subtitles haha! I usually can’t stand dubbed stuff or something out of sync but this does it really well to the point where it’s somehow barely noticeable
  9. For me, the ones I’d happily watch again are; Interstellar Inception Drive Lost in Translation Django Unchained
  10. Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas is an incredible album. I can imagine they’re like marmite though to people, certainly won’t be much mid-ground.
  11. Finished money heist season 4 today. To say it’s dubbed, it’s well worth a watch.
  12. Never heard of or listened to Grimes before this album but really liking it .
  13. crisps


    I remember picking it up about 2 months after release. The guy said I loved it. I spent about 200 hours on it!!! Don’t think I ever bothered starting it after hearing that haha! Good shout further up on digging out Mass Effect. #2 is one of my fave games ever. Bit of an Indie game for Switch / PS4 That I loved was Axiom Verge too. Very addictive. Ordered Gears 5 too. Xbox one doesn’t get on much but I thought I’d give that a whirl. Really liked the original 360 ones
  14. crisps


    Do you have to spend a couple of hours on Fallen order for it to really get going? I’m an hour or 2 in but a little underwhelmed so far seems a bit like “let’s mix uncharted with mass effect and add a lightsaber and surely that will make a great game.” But I’m going to persist and see where it goes! I’ve not done anywhere near as much gaming as I’d have liked over last couple years. Spend more time sourcing and hoarding Retro stuff! But I’m really looking forward to trying the new Doom. The last one was great. My favourite PS4 games out of the entire catalogue have been Horizon Zero
  15. Shows just how much clowns can cost you. Over the years so many moments like this from Ming, Karius, Lovren, Moreno etc.
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