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  1. crisps


    I acquired something recently that you may find interesting from the PS1 days. They were some original PlayStation run-time developer reference guides. Will upload some pics
  2. crisps


    Makes you wonder if it’s probably too much of a risk launching a next generation console with a AAA franchise title. I’m guessing the devs won’t have fully got to grips with the hardware and won’t have had anywhere near enough time to work on a AAA exclusive. So there’s the risk of people being underwhelmed.
  3. crisps


    I’m going to be patient for a change here. Probably wait until March-ish when there’s hopefully a couple more decent games and maybe some more enhancements for the (main) last couple of PS4 games I’d like to play; Ghost of Tsushima & The Last of Us II. Just finished Doom Eternal last week, as per the 2016 reboot it was pretty much intense carnage all way through and great fun. Pretty brutal playing for a couple hours then getting straight in bed! On a retro video game collecting note, I’m mainly collecting Sega Game Gear at the moment. Incredibly difficult finding a lot of t
  4. Pgmol will probably release a statement tomorrow explaining why/how all decisions were correct.
  5. Is there any manager in the league who you’d rather have less than Ole? I mean I’d hate to have the Hodge again but even that’s close.
  6. crisps

    The boxing

    I say Usyk outclasses Wilder Fury style. After Ruiz, not sure what happens with Joshua. I think he could hurt Joshua. It’s just what happens if he takes a good punch. Could definitely see a technical 12 rounder against Fury. No way Fury would be able to out box him like he did with Wilder. If he still likes fighting and has the desire, it makes sense for him to operate just under World Champ level and do some decent undercards.
  7. Need 2 CBs in January. Gomez and Matip need to be 4/5th choice
  8. Was awful tracking back / ball watching too when they had their chance. He was metres from the player with the ball and didn’t even attempt to close him down.
  9. We all knew It was stupid going into the season with 3 CBs including one who’s mainly injured. Shame the club didn’t.
  10. Garay and Ashley Williams will be on short term contracts with us at this rate.
  11. Part of me keeps wondering if Firmino will be part of “Plan A” in the next year. Seems like he’s more suited to a big or open game as opposed to scrappy PL games. Almost like years ago when we accepted Dirk wasn’t really up to being a first choice striker but his work rate was essential from the right in the big European games etc.
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