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  1. am i the only one who likes weather-related posts esp the adverse ones & tornado reports!
  2. i for one is glad shelvey and his knobby bald head is gone... ;-) t'was the twitter pic - seared into to my mind that did it!
  3. thinking the signing of Saunders and Wright would win us the league
  4. been to both recently and if I was going to choose one to move to it would probably be SG - seems a tad more civilised, cleaner and closer to a 'western' culture. KL is huge and a bit more hectic - cheaper than SG. KL is also, in my view, hotter, smoggier and stinkier than SG! but you'd really need Patsy's opinions here!
  5. Dee


    according to my Norwich friend, he was wanted there on loan - might do him good?
  6. i would have gone but got a date with a surgeon
  7. Dee


    gawd - awful hope he gets better
  8. so sorry Jim - RIP & YNWA
  9. Dee

    New laptop

    Oh wise tech gurus of the gennie: 1) what brand would you recommend to a student wishing to do things like word process, excel, internet browsing - robust enough to carry around in a case/bag to uni most days... 2) affordable on a student budget Basic PCs Compaq £299 http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/sol/shop/technology/best_sellers/120897748_compaq_cq56_112sa_amd_v140_3gb_320gb_156_laptop_black.html Samsung £349 http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/sol/shop/technology/computing_and_gaming/laptops_and_netbooks/121426542_samsung_rv510_intel_pentium_dual_core_3gb320gb_156_laptop.html?hnav=4294935766
  10. Dee


    what a pisser sorry to hear this is happening
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