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  1. I just hope enough of you guys stay well enough to cope with whats coming. We'll all be forever in your debt
  2. at this rate there's gonna have to be rationing within a month Dad's still got his old ration book somewhere, so he's ahead of the game
  3. My understanding is Premier Inn will shut their restaurants tomorrow , but the hotel side is staying open for the foreseeable She didn't say what's happening with the pub side Wetherspoons claim to be staying open too - or at least that's what they are currently telling their corporate charity coordinator
  4. The online wine retailer Naked Wines has stopped taking new orders, citing a “surge” in demand yesterday from customers stuck at home. In a message the firm said that it would “temporarily pause” new deliveries while it worked through an existing backlog. It warned that the time taken to get wine to people’s doorsteps would take “much longer than usual.’’ Staff were working remotely and would no longer be able to answer phones but were available via email and live chat, it said. It added in an email: “This is certainly not something we have chosen to do lightly. Our main priority during this time is keeping our customers, staff, suppliers and community of winemakers safe”.
  5. WHO DG doesn't seem happy with some countries response https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-opening-remarks-at-the-mission-briefing-on-covid-19---12-march-2020
  6. "This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad."
  7. Just heard a woman on the radio claiming that it's a traditional football song ????
  8. Lord Harry of Kane will be there
  9. Hope we go strong and smash them, my wolves supporting mate would be unbearable if we give them half a sniff
  10. Shame he was missing for Leicester last night
  11. Yes, but not football Level 2 athletics coach
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