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  1. Flanders


    The hospital numbers are surely a better reflection of actual infection as opposed to test numbers? Or, the virus has become less aggressive to promote its better spread. Which is good news. Ha! Well fair enough and Iwon’t deny that in March I said to a number of people it will blow over in no time.... you never gave your view on the Crowd at the snooker final?
  2. Flanders


    Testing has been woeful, numbers would surely have been far, far higher in April if we had targeted testing? I don’t know that though. I’m watching the snooker final and I think it is great progress that, after nothing for the whole tournament, there is now a sizeable audience allowed for the final. I appreciate that others, perhaps you included, would see it as reckless? It’s only an opinion but some people think their interpretation of the situation is fact, I think there’s a lot of grey area as we go forward and, as such, much disagreement will follow. I think I’m right though.
  3. Flanders


    It hasn’t gone away. Globally at the highest rates ever I think. Maybe it never goes away. Yes, I do think debate is a little bit pointless but not because we disagree, more so because so much is unknown. The facts are that, in the UK, deaths are minuscule and have continued to shrink despite perceived recklessness.
  4. Flanders


    I don’t believe there will be another lockdown. i have a friend in California. Hot and dry beyond what we would ever imagine in the UK. No let up in the deaths though. Much is unknown about CV19. You are being cautious and others less so. You are repeating your own mantra, fine, but it simply comes down to ones risk aversion. it’s not really a debate, just accept that and get on with it.
  5. Flanders


    You say commons sense like that’s an exact science but what you really mean is the common sense you think is correct. Your ‘bit’ is not very specific. I say that it differs depending on a persons aversion to risk. Less people want to hide from it and, as the death rate continues to fall, those people will grow in numbers. This time next year, it could well be a reported daily death rate that we live with at a very low %.
  6. Flanders


    Infections would rise of course. The deaths have dropped consistently as the lockdown has been lightened and lifted but I think they would rise too. Not sure where they would get to though but not back to April levels. pure guesswork though.
  7. Flanders


    An average of 6 people a day died in hospital last week of/with this. The numbers are so small now in spite of the loosening of the past month and more, so various risk aversions will see people react differently with those most at risk still shielding. i have no problem with how people choose to behave as long as they are reasonably about it but the fear-mongering should stop now.
  8. Flanders


    Maybe it’s the better understanding that leads to people doing ‘higher risk ‘ stuff.
  9. New Contract for Gini offsets the Thiago fee when we sell him next summer for 30m it’s like getting Thiago Free. 😉
  10. Yes and signing them would have stopped Trent getting into the team and halted his progress. Agreed. Signing Thiago doesn’t stop Jones or Keita playing anymore than Gini already does that but Thiago is even better. So, Jones will learn from him, and eventually both him and Keita have to oust him or someone. If they can’t do that, no problem. The team is better.
  11. Why does it matter how many players we have if we want to improve the team? A player better than ours is available and keen. Lets keep getting better.
  12. I think he'd go to Utd because of the guaranteed starts. He'll play in every big game they are involved in but would be on the bench behind Mo and Mane here.
  13. When will Tyler drop that “and it’s live!” Rubbish. It’s irritating.
  14. Flanders


    Yeah, but no one really cares about elite bankers, lawyers, actors, CEO’s that they don’t know. Liverpool FC is above all of them and so this episode is a very, very poor turn of events. Many a small business using furlough to pay their staff and working out how they will survive at the same time. It makes discussing how we get our deserved title handed over just a bit crass too. poor judgement that needs retracting immediately.
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