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  1. Flanders


    Yeah, but no one really cares about elite bankers, lawyers, actors, CEO’s that they don’t know. Liverpool FC is above all of them and so this episode is a very, very poor turn of events. Many a small business using furlough to pay their staff and working out how they will survive at the same time. It makes discussing how we get our deserved title handed over just a bit crass too. poor judgement that needs retracting immediately.
  2. We really need to get someone clinical in front of goal.
  3. TV Presenter. Like Dermot O’Leary, very good at it.
  4. Everyone wanted him to pass, he didn’t, lost it, it broke to us, great quality from the team and we win. If we didn’t score then everyone would be moaning at him for not passing, again. He’s an immense player but it’s not a big deal to moan about that selfish side of his game.
  5. Hes a lion!Thank god Salah lost it before he shot, equivalent of a pass!
  6. If Firmino was a finisher, best player in the world? He’d be Suarez level.
  7. Everyone knew they were scoring from a Traore cross. What are we going to do to stop the next one.
  8. Ha! They are pretty intense. Jamie should have said he hopes Keane is right about time and they do give OGS another year.
  9. Incredible game. Messi, Suarez type player gets 60goals in this team.
  10. If only he was a finisher he’d be the best 9 in the world
  11. It was disappointing. No drama, short scenes, no dialogue, over use of 'ghosts' in case the audience couldn't get what was in the protagonists mind and characters i didn't really care about, unlike the original cast. Maybe it's just an age thing, it's all very Disney Channel and aimed at young kids and action figures.
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