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  1. A mate of mine holed out in one today on the 17th at Highcliffe Castle Golf Club. He won't be getting a commemorative watch though 'cos he was playing the 16th. Funny as f*ck, in all my years I've never heard of anybody doing that, a big hook over some trees and a bunker, luckily nobody was on the green.
  2. Well if they did it every week people might get bored. And if you're not one of those guilty of the 'crime' you might wonder why they're banging on. So much as I get bored with soaps they can be a valuable tool, ultimately last night's Corrie might make a lot of people think on, if you haven't seen it you won't know what I'm talking about, but in summary, it was dead good.
  3. Murphman


    Our ongoing move has more twists and turns than Luis Suarez but it finally looks likely my MP from June will no longer be that utterly evil old c*nt Christopher Chope, instead I'm getting (wait for it) Teresa f*cking May. As the song goes, 'what have I done to deserve this?'
  4. I rarely watch Corrie these days but it was on and it suddenly got my attention. A massive social statement on racism and homophobia for practically the entire half an hour. Apparently Eastenders are doing more and more of this too, and amongst the generally rubbish story lines it's highly refreshing. A big speech from an old black guy who'd been abused for weeks by a racist employer, really gave it to him in front of a packed boozer, whilst in the background his pro footballer son (Poor casting, he's fatter than Vic, me and Molby on a night out) who's just packed it in because of the abuse he took on social media for coming out as gay, watches on.
  5. Murphman


    https://inews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-testing-critical-decision-track-trace-community-testing-limited-capacity-2858603 A few links here Tommo, she looks at Eustace like my missus looks at me when I'm not acting my age.
  6. As Walter once so famously said over a Schlitz and a spliff, .............
  7. I think you're in on this, your signature gives it away FYDSY Mk 11 ...
  8. Speaking as somebody who went to school in the 60's, I sometimes went to school with cardboard to cover the hole but it was a temporary arrangement until the old man got paid. That 60's kids went to school in bare feet is the biggest load of old cobblers I've heard even by FYDS' standards, I don't even think my parents living in inner city Liverpool poverty in the 30's had to do that.
  9. What's the cost of this, indemnity policies for most scenarios are usually pretty cheap? Not that that makes it right having to pay for one like, but it's not fortunes to fix.
  10. HSBC will have probably appointed Enact or Optima. Like all these remortgage bucket shops you have to be an incompetent t*** to work there, if Bailo knows a conveyancing solicitor he should run it by them.
  11. They are indeed, she did her masters in Bergen. No idea why she came over other than I guess a Degree in English would make sense I guess. She did a sixth form year exchange in Cardiff when she was 16 too (that one was a freebie).
  12. Yeah, my son paid £9k then got a discount to £6k for his masters by staying at the he same Uni. His Norwegian partner (whom he mt at Uni) paid £20000, I have no idea how her family afforded it?
  13. Murphman


    To be fair chances are anybody as mad as that is probably just that, mad as a brush, was there any comments made that indicated this a racist act? Edit. I see he asked why they were there which might indicate a racist motive I guess? But who knows, he clearly isn't right in the head either way.
  14. Murphman


    Horses for courses, their worth depends on the injury (from my very limited experience). Is yours a trapped nerve, I had deadly trouble with that back when I spent hours at a desk every day. After trying a few with little joy I ended up with a physio who did acupuncture as well was the most effective. The acupuncture was great, but as I say, it depends on what's wrong? Oh yeah, this too.
  15. Murphman


    Our beach car park is still shut, this is major. It was really busy today but I didn't see one breach, everybody behaving. I'm not sure it's all falling apart at all but some really strong leadership is required so we are f*cked I guess, but these Tory f*ckers carry every can, it's on them, all of it.
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