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  4. My snapshot memories of Vic. The 'day after' in Istanbul when we were told the flights were all delayed until further notice and despite zero sleep we all piled into the restaurant next to the hotel and carried on drinking. Then Vic walked in, with Matty, they'd done the whole trains planes and automobiles thing via Bulgaria to get there. In just the clothes they stood up in, this wasn't because they were tight or skint, Vic thought this was the way adventures abroad happened and kipping on floors, getting there the cheapest way you could because that was the only way most could do it back in the day when this glorious adventure started. Andy Mac turned up too, I can't remember if he'd travelled with Vic but he was a giant of this forum too, sadly also no longer with us. What a day we had, the subject of 'Wools' cropped up and he told me I took Wooldom onto an entirely different level 😂 Meeting Vic along with a gaggle of Forumites in one of Rob Gutman's boozers before the Chelsea semi final and him saying to my cousin who I had just introduced to Vic, 'thank f*ck for that, a scouse accent, I thought I was going deaf!' Walking out of the Olympic Stadium in 2007 and bumping into Vic with Sutty who promptly decided it would be a good idea to throw my 14 year old son into the lake, Vic standing by chuckling as I went into panic mode. The last time I saw him I bumped into him in The Kop a few years back but I've communicated with him privately quite a bit over the years, I was never not aware how much cleverer then me he was, but he was gentle with me in a non patronising way, because I'd like to think he liked me, what a star he was. Finally, the first time I met him was in The Oakie on one of those days already alluded to by Bob, it was a Sunday lunchtime kick off, Vic and Jonesy had been out all night, I thought Jonesy was on the verge of death he was so distraught. Vic was worse for wear but still able to string a sentence together, like a couple of big kids who'd had so much fun but were now in the naughty corner. We subsequently had a great night out in London and I went head to head with Vic for quite a while but he was better than anybody else at drinking beer as well. He told me of the racism his mum received for going out with a black man, I am pretty sure this helped form some of his outlook on life, he was a one off and I am going to miss him. Quite a few of us were becoming increasingly concerned all over the spring and summer and quite a few reached out but his response was always the same, he was fine and taking time out, our worst fears were confirmed yesterday. I feel so sorry for his family and his wife Anne, what a void he has left behind. YNWA Vic.
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  6. I spoke with Vic about his Mum whom he obviously loved dearly but I didn't know whether she were still alive. Wayne mentioned this last night, if there is any question at all of financial hardship could you let us know please M? Whether he comes 'home' or stays in Ireland he deserves the best, and there's no doubt we can raise the funds to make sure he gets it in a heartbeat.
  7. I can't find the words to express how sad I am at this news. I heard this afternoon and have been trying to gather my thoughts, Stu and Kamf have both expressed themselves with such eloquence, all I can do is nod in agreement to every word and hope he is now at peace after what has clearly been a terrible time in recent years. I've been here before, to do this truly is the last resort of a person in pain. rest in peace my old mate, I've truly never met anybody like you before.
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