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  1. No er, about it. He was great in The Cockfields apart from what went before.
  2. Gethin - I've had a more than a few conversations over the years about old boilers (F*ck off Kahnee). Good quality units were built to last back in the day and whilst not as economical to run can plod on forever, if you're looking for a sticking plaster don't write yours off because it's 15 years old.
  3. and one tale even though a hugely tenuous link leads to another. I was Godfather to my mate's son and at the aisle with the other families christening their kids. I looked right and was standing next to a fella called Geoff Daines who was A.. Another proud dad and B.. An opponent who had raked his studs down the back of my calf off the ball a few weeks before, I had taken retribution as well, it was a nasty fight, we turned around simultaneously and our eyes locked, we were like the double take brothers'.
  4. Lived in Dorney Reach with Diana Dors and Ernie Wise, not in the same house like.... Then moved to Bray which is presumably where he first set eyes on the Damien of Maidenhead?
  5. I just watched the abbreviated version on Sky News. Trump is f*cked if he can't bully, bluster and talk over people, he'd have been better off not agreeing to the debate, Joe wiped his arsse for him.
  6. My friends wife paid her final scheduled trip to the cancer clinic today, she had her final bout of scheduled Chemo last week and they carried out the final tests today, all clear, she's in remission. As she walked out of the consultants office they rang a bell, bemused she stopped and looked around, at that point everybody stopped what they were doing and came out to clap Carol. It's the remission bell and it's the greatest sound in the world.
  7. Jarg, what a great time lies ahead for you and the Jarglet, congrats to you and the missus.
  8. Limey is derived from lime, a vitamin C rich and highly effective food to stave off scurvy on a ship and favoured by English sailors.
  9. Hi Guys, still think he's sound?
  10. Murphman

    Welcome VvD

    Your son is the recipient of excellent parenting, played. 🤣
  11. Mods. My hilarious comment doesn't sit in this thread, apologies can you remove please?
  12. Murphman


    As if being so old they call you in for a flu jab isn't depressing enough...
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