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  1. Bigal

    The boxing

    Not boxing as such, but, who on earth challenges John Fury to a fight?!?
  2. Bigal


    Is that an official thing? My in laws are in Spain, they were due home on Good Friday but, their ferry was cancelled. we have currently abandoned our house and moved into theirs as its empty and its got a garden and stuff for the kids to run around in
  3. a superb Anny Road and Sutty reference that no one seemed to have got.
  4. Bigal

    Gigs 2014+

    he sounded good to be honest. Played some belting stuff, Natalie's party. Hazy. Cup of tea. was terrific
  5. Bigal

    The boxing

    Warrington back with Hearn
  6. He is living la vida loca
  7. I only see one person off the forum regularly, Sutty. the t**.
  8. it was indeed, it was a game that will live long in my memory as I was next to Knox Harrington and he screamed "PADDY! PADDY! PADDY! CALL UNSWORTH A f***ING BLUE c*** FROM ME"
  9. I was on that one too. I was with you in fact. I remember someone saying "christ, I wouldnt like an argument with them"
  10. Bigal


    I think this might be the most drama free trophy in my life time never stopped me dreami....
  11. I am let down there isnt the west ham vlog of our second goal against them in this game. like our first when we beat them 4-1 and Salah scored from the corner. that was magnificent
  12. Bigal

    Gigs 2014+

    Saw Mick Head and the red elastic band on friday, with a scouse band called psycho comedy, who were pretty good. up coming: Audience with vic and bob in leeds supergrass in leeds
  13. Bigal


    Also, and this might be my brain playing tricks on me, but, we went through a run of games, about 10 when we would take off Downing and bring on Carroll.
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