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  1. We win it in 4 games against the hardest possible group, have some great nights and knock some rivals out. Then we all go to Berlin and win the European Cup.
  2. The Ev are weird. Trying to second guess them doesn't work. Of course they don't want us to win it but they love a bit of defiance and having lost a soft one yesterday they might decide they have something to prove in their last home game. On the other hand they might go lame because they have run out of legs and can't be bothered. But City are weird too. We beat Chelsea, we beat them well and City's heads will go regardless.
  3. I love walking to or from the ground from town.
  4. And treating them like two events that don't impact each other.
  5. Beat Chelsea and it all slides into place.
  6. I reckon so. Culminating in town at about 6pm.
  7. Can't get the 12th. The masses flocked for it about six weeks ago. I calmly took the 6th. EDIT: Had a chat with someone about this - might *want* to work the 12th, in a state, a terrible mess, go the parade, go bananas and take the 13th.
  8. I've got Tuesday 6th off. I haven't got Monday 12th off. My money is where my mouth is.
  9. YES! The hardest possible group. That is what I want. I want the Champions of England against the Champions Of Europe.
  10. We are going to be writing about the World Cup. Which will include *a lot* of non-football stuff if done the right way. I'd do more if there was time but as you say that is the constant battle; hoping to be producing a feature film. I need to go back to the Phil.
  11. Don't worry. Our lot will be floating home.
  12. You kidding? Imagine the laughs training with those lads. They are having a great time.
  13. We beat Chelsea, City kick off knowing that at Crystal Palace. If it was Arsenal or Spurs or United or even Everton or they were at home they could rally themselves around the principle of just winning the game. But Crystal Palace? f*** that. Nowhere worse to be.
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