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  1. DonRafa


    It was rubbish.
  2. DonRafa


    Interesting prog on TV Channel 4+1 now - Coronavirus: Can You Avoid It?
  3. Even if he died, he'd pop up somehow to brag he's had the bestest death ever.
  4. His dad was great, and quite the orator too.
  5. DonRafa


    I hear you, but according to the govt. everything is under control. 'NHS England’s chief operating officer Amanda Pritchard told MPs on the health select committee that there was enough equipment and shortages were only “local issues”.' From The Independent. Whilst on BBC online - 'Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK had "stockpiles" of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).' I guess they are just badly misinformed.
  6. DonRafa


    Yeah, I know, but I read somewhere they have the stuff 'in the system', just not getting it to where it should be.
  7. DonRafa


    It is unforgivable that frontline staff are still having to ask the Govt. to get adequate amounts of PPEs (Personal protective equipment) into circulation. They've known for weeks that Coronavirus was heading our way, this gear should have already been in place. Last night I listened to a critical care doctor on Stephen Nolan's show (I know), say that he and his colleagues know some of them will almost certainly get infected, and some will probably not make it. I was an ITU nurse for years, and can only guess at the added stress of caring for the critically ill in such circumstances. I'm so angry that, through incompetence or complacency, staff are being unnecessarily exposed to such dangers. If any staff die due to lack of the correct equipment, those responsible should be charged with manslaughter.
  8. Great thread, thanks guys.
  9. DonRafa


    Why have you replied FFS? Someone else said the same, though can't find their reply now. Anyway, I was just saying that as buses etc were gong to be restricted, this would cause even more binge buying, so I joked I'd be at local supermarket at 07.30, before everything disappeared. I'm on JSA, the only thing I'm binging on is fresh air.
  10. DonRafa


    I'm one of those oldies, so disparaged by you young ones, and the middle-aged on here, hahaha. Despise the term elderly, conjures up images of the decrepit and the decayed🤬 Much prefer 'elder' - ahem. Didn't know about the first hour thing, I'm not going now, wouldn't be seen dead there. Erm.........
  11. DonRafa


    Two temporary morgues have also been erected, one in central London, one in grounds of army compound. Also, seems that public transport may be severely restricted, in which case I'll be outside the local supermarket at 7.30 tomorrow morning, because this will cause binge shopping to go to a whole different level. Sigh.
  12. DonRafa


    On Beeb and Sky, word from Whitehall is that London may be put on a mandatory lockdown from Friday/weekend as there is alarm at the numbers of deaths in the capital. There were some hints about something like this at the end of Johnson's daily blab.
  13. DonRafa


    I love this thread. Thanks for giving me more belly laughs than I've had for a while. Have a heavy cold for a few days - no high temp, no persistent cough, just very fatigued, lots of sleeping.
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