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  1. All I've heard on the steam wireless today is Leicester can go top if they beat LFC, blah, blah, blah.... Well, Lineker, er, and Frank O'Farrell, your team took a hell of a beating. And Rodgers is a big girls blouse.
  2. Our best ever keeper. RIP Clem.
  3. Was funny at the end of the match, when Klopp, caught hold of Guardiola who looked momentarily alarmed, but he was asking if he agreed about pushing to having five subs.
  4. DonRafa


    Did you see the fking cages? Had no idea mink farming was a thing, who the hell wears mink or any real fur these days? The hellish misery humans put animals through is truly sickening.
  5. I'm sure I read that this last injury was almost a career ending one, so not surprised it's taking so long to get back to fitness. Must be pretty devastating for the poor guy, he's been particularly unlucky.
  6. Injury prone? He got Kung Fu'd in the leg, Hercules would've been 'inury proned' after that attack.
  7. The silly old sod is nodding off. Old candidates and old commentators, a toxic mix.
  8. A voxpox Latino voter in Florida voted for Trump because Biden was going to bring socialism to the good ole USA!
  9. Lucking out on fantastic German manager is ace though.
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