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  1. Redwire


    They're going to be paying a grand out for millions of jobs that would have been retained anyway.
  2. Hardly a surprise though is it? Players can't be going into the crowd.
  3. Close to a Pickford classic just then. Nearly chucked the ball in his net messing up a simple cross.
  4. Redwire


    Peel on the night of the 84 win
  5. David Starkey. What a c***.
  6. It's b******s though. It's some reporting anomaly that looks like it happens every weekend. https://covidtracking.com/data/state/oklahoma
  7. Redwire


    Ah yes, I remember that now. I was at that game but memory of the guard of honour must have been dulled by pre match drinking. I do recall Owen's goal though and he also had a penalty saved I think.
  8. Redwire


    When did the guard of honour thing start? It's fairly recent isn't it?
  9. Tony Jones is brilliant isn't he. Don't know if you have seen him in Marvelous but it's on tonight on BBC2 and is well worth a watch.
  10. Redwire


    And this is the difference that withholding tier 2 numbers makes. Without them you would be asking what's the fuss in Leicester?
  11. Redwire


    To be fair, with the f*** up they're making of it over there they will need it the most.
  12. Did you let onto him that you knew that he was THE Rashid?
  13. The Lincoln Lawyer. Good. Not sure how I've missed this one before but I enjoyed it.
  14. I thought Richarlison had stamped on his foot but I don't think they showed a replay.
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