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  1. St Helens Town in NW Counties Div 1 North, level 10. They won the FA Vase in 87 beating Warrington Town in the final.
  2. On the very rare times I've done the lottery that's exactly what I've done for the same reasons.
  3. It was a mad game. 3-1 up then looked to have blown it conceding an equaliser in the 86th minute. Then they got the winner in injury time. Kahveci got a really good hattrick and ended up on the losing side. Now just need Utd to f*** up. Already a goal down 🙂
  4. It could be used for any players coming back from injury as a low key opportunity to get some match fitness.
  5. I think I read somewhere that 1,2,3,4,5,6 is the most common number combination choice on the UK lottery.
  6. As group winners we're away first leg aren't we?
  7. That was the chance I was looking for with my 45-1 Henderson first goalscorer bet.
  8. Not sure how you interpret your comment as not being directed at my posts but anyway, I agree there are things football can learn from other sports in the use of VAR. From cricket they could learn to accept the inherent margin of error in the system. I've made the point before that they are measuring to millimetres on one side of an equation that has an inability to determine the exact point the ball leaves the boot on the other side. I've said before that they can learn from rugby league where every game has offside decisions on kicks forward for tries being made without the use o
  9. Haha. As if I said anything like that.
  10. Cricket & tennis != football. It would inevitably be rubbish. If we've got to have VAR just work on getting that to the best state possible. With a challenge regime you are just layering a level of s***ness on top of existing s***. s*** squared.
  11. Where apart from cricket? Cricket is a massively different sport than football. Their 'VAR' operates in a much more tightly defined set of circumstances than that in football with none of the contentious subjective calls like fouls, handballs and sending offs. They have umpire's call where the challenge isn't lost, there to compensate for the margin of error in Hawkeye decisions. The only place that could possibly be replicated in football would be offsides but that would need the authorities to admit that a margin of error actually exists, something they seem very reluctant to do.
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