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  1. Redwire


    Then they should just shout.
  2. Redwire


    563 died in hospital yesterday.
  3. Paterson was one of the Jarmusch films it reminded me of. I really like that film and the link to William Carlos Williams poetry which I also love. Just remembered that Jarmusch is in Blue in the Face. Not watched that since it came out so I might look for it tonight.
  4. Yeah it is. He's a prick. I think the later satellites are going to be much less reflective but he's still a prick.
  5. We could see them clearly, at least twenty of them and quite bright. It was a really clear night and it's relatively dark where I live.
  6. Yes, I watched them with my girls the night before last followed by a very bright passing of the ISS.
  7. Redwire


    No these are just hospitalised deaths.
  8. Redwire


    No. The ONS figures for non hospital deaths were released separately earlier. Worryingly they showed that the current figured could be underreporting the numbers by over 20 percent. Non hospital deaths are going to be reported weekly.
  9. Redwire


    367 dead in England yesterday
  10. Redwire


    Nah, he's in Padgate now.
  11. Smoke. Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Forest Whitaker. Really enjoyed it and it reminded me a bit of Jarmusch so I continued the nicotine theme and watched Coffee and Cigarettes again for the umpteenth time.
  12. Redwire


    Flu isn't a coronavirus.
  13. Redwire


    Bloody hell Sammy, that's awful. Thoughts are with you and total agreement with your sentiments on the NHS.
  14. Apparently a few pieces of rhubarb or a few grapes can help get a starter going properly. The skins are covered in wild yeasts.
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